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Male Yeast Infection Need internal And External Treatment

First of all, I'd like to thank the many menwho have purchased my book, Candida Crusher, in the past 12 months. This has shown manymen also suffer from yeast infections that are interested in looking at a resolutionand also clearly shows me that yeast infection is not a women's problem like many practitionersunfortunately think it is. Many men suffer from yeast infection of theprivate areas of the inner thigh, of the scrotum or in the rectal area, and also around thepenis, the glans penis. All those areas can drive a guy crazy when they become infectedwith Candida Albicans. I've seen many hundreds of men come to mecomplaining of these symptoms. Some of them

have got mild problems and, in fact, somepatients are pretty desperate and even suicidal because they've been sent from one to another and given some vaginal cream or some stupid treatment, which generallydon't resolve anything at all. If you're a guy watching this now and havegot a men's yeast infection, I can help you. I've helped many men, so you'll find a lotmore in Chapter 4 in my book on some quick solutions and also yeastinfection hasgot some good ideas on it. So what are you going to do if you've gota yeast infection and you're a guy? You just going to use Vagisil or something like that?Don't laugh, but this is something that many

men have told me that's been recommended tothem by their general practitioner. It's quite a stupid treatment. Yeast infection requires internal treatmentas well as external treatment. It's very important you tackle this area on a couple of differentfronts if you want to get a good resolution. Internal treatment, I mean you need to cutout alcohol for some time. So if you're a guy watching this now and you've got a yeastinfection of the penis or the rectal area driving you crazy, it's itchy, and you'redrinking beer or wine or spirits and you think you can cure it with some cream, well, you'rewasting your time. You need to make some changes.

You really need to make some changes to yourdiet and lifestyle long term to stop feeding this yeast infection, to reduce the food supply. It's very important that you consider thispoint that 'm making here. I've seen all too many people who just consider it an externalproblem that needs a cream. So you can read more of my writings on ericbakker as wellregarding diet and lifestyle. You need to need make changes. So what kind of changesdo you need to make? What I think is one of the better diet approachesfor the guy is the MEVY diet, so meat, eggs, vegetables, and yogurt. So a kind of Paleoapproach is going to work well, but I don't

want you just eating a whole bunch of meat,barbeques and foods like that and ribs. You need to have plenty of vegetable matter aswell, green leafy vegetables. The fermented and cultured foods are important,too, to put good bacteria back into the body, so good quality yogurt and kefir is also good.Kefir is quite an important food to eat to put lots of beneficial bacteria there. Changeof pH of the gut. But probably by far the biggest one for males is cutting out alcoholfor some time. I'll tell you now, guys, if this problem is really driving you crazy,and you are really at your wit's end and want to get rid of this problem, you need to listenup. You need to make those changes because

treating this thing purely on the externalis a waste of time. Okay. It really is a waste of time. You can cure this thing completely.I had really bad jock itch in my 20s to the point where it drove me nuts. I was itchingand scratching the skin. It was bleeding. Having a shower or going swimming was justa nightmare. It was pain. It stopped me from wanting to have relationships. I got verydepressed over the whole thing, so if this is you right now, I've been where you are. You can cure this thing completely, right?But you need to make those changes for at least three to six months, and you need todo the external treatment. And you can read

Doing This ONE Thing Can Cause Severe Candida DieOff

Greetings. It's Eric Bakker, naturopath fromNew Zealand. Author of Candida Crusher and the formulator of the Canxida range of dietarysupplements. Thanks for checking out my tutorial today. I'm making this tutorial because overthe years, I've had patients on and off that I notice end up with severe aggravations whenthey're on the Candida cleanse. Regardless whether they're on a Candida diet or the CandidaCrusher diet or whatever kind of a Candida cleansing approach, some people end up witha severe aggravation and severe die off. Now, this is one patient in particular whomI had yesterday on Skype. Of course, I won't mention her name, the country, or any detailsabout her, but she was quite happy to discuss

her case anonymously with the public. Thislady still has got quite a major yeast infection, vaginal yeast infection, intestinal yeastinfection, probably systemic yeast infection, and for many years, she's been treated bydifferent practitioners and she's been taking fluconazole on and off for a long time. Recently,she's been on a strict diet, and then occasionally, she'll break out of the diet. So then, sheapproached me. My recommendations were for her to go nice and easy on the treatment andgradually build treatment up. And what this poor lady did is she droppedthe treatment she was doing entirely and went on a very powerful cleansing regime. She startedto take right off the bat, 60 drops of grapefruit

seed extract per day, 6 capsules of oreganooil per day, one liter of a very strong antifungal tea, different kinds of tea she was drinking,5 tablespoons of coconut oil, and a very strict diet. All carbs were gone. It was like a meatdiet with some eggs in it. Literally within a couple of days, she felt unwell, but shekept the treatment going and pushing and pushing. She ended up in the emergency room. She thoughtshe was dying of a heart attack. She had chest pains, she had facial pains, and she couldn'tsleep. I think it lasted almost two weeks this headache. It was a severe headache onone side of the face. She thought her head was going to explode. She was vomiting. Shecouldn't sleep. She had severe aggravations.

Well, these things can come about when youdo a 360, when you do an about turn, and do a very abrupt stop of everything you're doingand a very abrupt start of everything new and in particular in high dosages. You cancause a serious aggravation. This is not what I want people to do. And in my book, I'vewritten about this on many occasions that you're better off to slowly wind down, especiallyif you're eating a poor diet, just slowly take your diet down over a two or three weekperiod and gently introduce new foods. And at that time, it's probably not a good ideato put antifungal treatment in right from day one. You're better off cleaning yourselfup a little bit in terms of diet and lifestyle

and then putting an antifungal approach inthere. And when you do, you start on a low dose if you have severe Candida, then yougradually build up. It may take two or three weeks before you can start taking even a reasonableamount of antifungal. I've had this same thing with people takingmy Canxida Remove and Canxida Restore products. Some people will start, they take 12 straightaway,so they'll get the bottle, and they'll take three tablets, 2 hours later another three,then another three. Some people seem to think that if you take a huge amount of something,you're going to hurry up and quickly get the cleanse over and done with. You're going tokill all the Candida in your body. This is

a stupid way of thinking. If you want to feelreally sick and get bad aggravations, go ahead, take lots and lots of things. Make lots andlots of changes abruptly. It's not a good idea.For example, if you're going to join a gym or going to get fit, you're not going to goto the gym on day one and do three hours of weights and then go out and do 50 miles ona bike, and then a week later, you won't be able to walk for a month. No. You don't dothat. You go very slowly into exercise. Very slowly and get a reasonable level of fitness,then build that fitness up gradually until you become increasingly fit. And who knows,in six months, you may be able to do a quarter

Can Antifungal Supplements Cause Die Off

Here's a question. Can antifungal supplementscause a die off effect? Yes, they can, and in fact some can cause severe die off effect.Let's just talk about that for a few minutes. Many people have heard of the word die off.Another word for this is called the Herxheimer Reaction. This is a reaction that we see withsome people, which can happen for a multitude of reasons. Many people feel bad when theygo on an antifungal treatment and they may think it's die off, but it may not be dieoff at all. It could be something entirely different. Let's talk a little bit about that,too. Die off typically occurs when large amountsof yeast cells die, and the immune system

starts attacking these cells. Various chemicalsare secreted, which work on the Candida itself or the Candida fragments. These chemicalscreate a lot of reaction in the body. It's almost like a nuclear reaction. It startssmall and it builds up and up and up until it's a massive explosion. We're not talkingabout binary fusion or some nuclear type of explosion inside your body, but some peopleget no reactions. Some people get minor reactions, and some people are almost ized, sosick from a die off that they can be debilitated for weeks or months after, brain fog and painand vomiting and nausea. I've seen some horrific cases.

Let's look at a couple of reasons why dieoff could occur. Die off typically occurs when you've got a patient who is very sensitive,who starts too strong or too full on with treatment. I've told you this before. Youmay have seen my other tutorials. There are three types of people. You've got normal people,they'd be like you or me; you've got sensitive people, and then you've got the supersensitive. The normal people can generally take a lotof different types of things like paracetamol, like Tylenol, for example, or Ibuprofen, variousmedications. They don't react to antibiotics or penicillins. They don't have a huge amountof food reactions or environmental reactions.

They tend to get sick every now and then,but not sick all the time. They don't have a lot of food allergies. These people don'ttend to react to a lot of things in their life. Sensitive people tend to have a couple offood allergies, and they will have noticed some strong reactions to different foods,also maybe perfumes or chemicals. But the supersensitive are in a class all on theirown, and these are people that react to everything. You can give them one B vitamin tablet ora bit of Vitamin C powder, and they can have a headache for two days. They can eat a particularfood and have vomiting and diarrhea for a

week. They're extremely sensitive. They canbe sensitive to smells, to noise, to lights, also to chemicals, to chlorine, to colognesor perfumes to the point where they can't be around a lot of people. These are the supersensitive. The supersensitive patient is the one who'smost likely going to experience the most severe die off or what's natural in it ?. And thesensitive are going to experience die off, but normal people like you and me aren't goingto experience die off, and if we do, it might be a mild headache for a day and it's quicklygone. There are other reasons why you may have signsand symptoms which you believe are die off

but, in fact, they're not at all. These couldbe detoxification reactions. When you go on a good multivitamin, for example, it's nothard for your liver to be upregulated or to work harder or faster and clear toxinsfrom the body. When you cut caffeine and alcohol out, these things typically create reactionsthat are not die off, but they can masquerade like die off. If you're drinking three orfour or five coffees a day and you stop that, you're going to feel like crap for three orfour days, potentially. You may think that's die off, but it's not. You need to be careful when you use the word�die off� around me because I'm going

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