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Detoxing Body and Mind Buckwheat date bread

Welcome to Buckwheat Castle. Why do I call it Buckwheat Castle? Because we cook with buckwheat flour. Since we've all given up wheat, corn,and other bodydamaging, toxifying foods in our lives, we have found that buckwheat flouris the ideal substitute to have plenty of breads,and bread products in your life. Because if you give up wheat,if you give up corn,

you're going to miss your cornbread. You're going to miss your muffins,you're going to miss your biscuits, your dumplings, pizzas, etc. And we have found that buckwheat flouris one of the best substitutes. Today I'm going to show youhow to make date bread. Making this date bread is somethingthat's so simple that anybody can do it. My grandmother always made it with datesthat she chopped up, so here we have chopped dates.

I'm going to put thesechopped dates into the bowl. And, as you can see,this is not a professional tutorial. Because as happens in anybody's kitchen,you're going to spill a few on the counter. So there they are. So there's dates here.See? Ok, let's get rid of that. But we also have, here in France, we havesomething that I never had in Florida, where I was growing up.We have patte de dates. And this is a paste,or a patte made out of dates. So we're going to break some of thispatte de dates into the bowl, like this.

And, I guess you could chop itwith a knife, if you wanted to. But I'm just going tokind of break it in pieces. You can use the same amount of datesas what I'm piling up in this bowl. Now the next thing that you're going to dois you're going to cover these. I've got some water boilingover here on the stove. And I'm going to putboiling water into the dates. I'm not measuring these dates,I'm just putting them in there. But I do want to know approximatelyhow much water I've got,

because the water is going to determinehow much bicarbonate I put in there. Now, in Europe we've got thisbicarbonate alumintare, which is bicarbonate soda. And from the US you're going to getArm and Hammer pure bacon soda. This is not baking powder,this is baking soda. Now we're going to put aboutone level teaspoon of baking soda per cup. And since we've got approximately,we've got three cups in here. We're going to put three level teaspoonsof bircarbonate in the boiling water.

And you can see it's going to bubble, you want to stir itjust a little bit to mix it up. Pour that on top of your dates. You see that?So you've got your dates going on there. Now you're going to let that sitfor a few minutes while you get your oil ready. I'm not using any eggs in this. The original recipe that was madewith wheat flour called for eggs and sugar.

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