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Candida Case Study 5 Gerry with Jock Itch

This is going to be another case history,and I'm going to read a little bit more out of my book and talk along that. This is casenumber five. This is a guy called Gerry. Gerry's a 36yearold male. He's a mechanic and he'salso a security guard. He moonlights as a security guard and he's a really nice guy,and he's had really bad heartburn and jock itch and a few other problems.Gerry is a single man. He never married and works as a factory security guard, and heused to be a mechanic, but he does them both a bit. He came to see me some time ago complainingof jock itch, athlete's foot, heartburn and major fatigue, and was sent in by a lady friendwho I helped get rid of her yeast infection.

Gerry's hobby is stock car racing, which takesup a lot of his spare time and he spends many hours in his garage tinkering with his carsthat include a lot of welding and grinding, as well as general mechanical work. Most afternoonsduring the week, as well as every weekend and at nights, he does his security work.He mentioned that he wears coveralls for several hours a day. And when I questioned him abouthis diet, it was what I expected. Fast foods that have been nutritionally depleted andover processed. Gerry routinely skipped breakfast, havinga cigarette and a coffee instead. For lunch, he would go through the drive through to afast food restaurant, deep fried chicken,

pizzas or burgers, and his evening meal alwaysconsisted of a TV dinner, ice cream, and a few cans of beer. Does that sound familiar?Do you know anyone like that? Sometimes I watch football or baseball, and I'll sit downwith a can of beer. I think the one I see on American TV is Budweiser. Budweiser isthe big beer. The bluecollar beer, I think they call it. Is it any wonder he has a majoryeast infection? I mean look at this guy's lifestyle. He's got his groin covered allthe time. He's got clothes on that keep the heat in the area and the moisture in the area.He's drinking foods containing sugar and yeast. This is a red flag for a yeast infection.The first change I recommended to Gerry, of

course, was to get rid of the coveralls andto wear 100 percent cotton loose fitting clothing around the groin region, 100 percent cottonsocks, and to remove them and go barefoot whenever he could. Obviously, not around thetools, but when he could go barefoot to let air and sun around the feet. Gerry had developedthe habit of keeping his socks on from early morning until almost bedtime when he was havinghis bath. I notice that those with athlete's foot also tend to wear shoes, boots, and socksfor prolonged periods of time, so when you can, kick them off.I asked Gerry if he could shower daily at the very least, but preferably twice a day.Twice a day is the norm for jock itch. And

if it's really bad, I ask people to come homeand have a shower at lunchtime as well. He's to shower once on rising and again after workand again once before bed if he wants to get the maximum result. I recommended the useof tea tree oil soap and shampoo because they're very good antifungal personal care products.But the biggest challenge for this guy, what do you think it was? It was having whole foodsand a fresh diet to get away from that crap. The first thing I tried to get him to do isto switch from takeout food more to kebobs and Subway kind of food. Like more green stuff.A little bit less of the white stuff and a bit more of the green stuff. This was a goodmove in the right direction. And to slowly

get him away from soda drinks onto juices,from juices onto sparkling water, and generally into the direction of just plain water, maybeherbal teas. It can take a long time for a guy like Gerry to make the change. But oncethey make changing an improvement, they'll usually generally progress in that area.The other thing I recommended to him was a multivitamin, of course, and a good antifungalproduct. Lots of bluecollar guys out there that work in factories, that are mechanics,that are plumbers, we call them tradees in New Zealand, so tradees are the tradesmenor tradeswomen. People that work in trade professions. They can sometimes where clothingthat can be very conducive for a yeast infection.

Is Buttermilk Good On Candida Diet

Greetings. Eric Bakker, naturopath from NewZealand, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of dietary supplements.I've got a question today from a patient over in Japan. I get a few questions from Japanesepeople about buttermilk. This person wants to know if buttermilk is any good for someonewith a Candida yeast infection. Buttermilk is a very good product. Traditionally,it used to be milk that was left over after cheese making. But today, it's actually not.It's actually almost like a milk produced a bit like yogurt is. They'll add bacteriaor maybe lactic acid to it to give it like a sour kind of flavor. Buttermilk is actuallyvery good to have. Just bear in mind if you've

got a milk allergy, it may be a problem becauseit will still contain the beta casein protein in it, and that can affect your immune system.If you have a milk allergy like me, then it's probably not really a good idea to have buttermilkin your diet. If you don't have a milk allergy, however,there's nothing wrong with having some buttermilk in your diet from time to time, because it'squite a healthy food to have. It's got a nice tangy flavor about it. And again, common sense.If you've got a bad yeast infection, you need to avoid dairy products for quite a whilebecause they can really challenge your immune system. Just take these foods out initiallyfor the first month or so.

The low allergy diet or phase two of my Candidadiet includes the removal of cow's milk from the diet and usually yogurt as well. If you'vegot a major allergy for dairy products, then you want to take out cow's milk, yogurt, cream,and these sorts of things from your diet. Butter is generally always fine. I've neverseen butter allergies. You need to be cautious with cheese, too, if you've got a strong cow'smilk allergy. If you know you've got an allergy toward cow's milk or dairy, avoid buttermilk.If you don't have it, you can incorporate small amounts into your diet.However, to be safe as you're going through the stages of the Candida Crusher diet, thefirst stage is the MEVY diet, the meat, eggs,

vegetables, and yogurt. The second stage isthe low allergy diet and I usually take out things like buttermilk, cream, a lot of cheesesfrom the diet for a month or so, four to six weeks to allow the immune system a bit ofbreathing space. Because many people with Candida, in fact, have got leaky gut syndromeand buttermilk will not be good for people trying to recover from leaky gut.Yes, it is a good food. But you need to be cautious with it. If you know you've got anallergy, avoid it. Otherwise, incorporate small amounts into your diet and see how yougo. I hope that answers your question. Last thing I'll leave you with is buttermilkdoes have almost as good as yogurt a beneficial

effect on the intestinal tract for encouragingthe proliferation of good bacteria, especially if it's an organic buttermilk or one that'scertified organic or biodynamic and made using the correct organic methods, it's beneficial.Thanks for your attention.

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