Candida Ketosis

Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

Hey, guys. Axe here, founder of DrAxe and of Functional Medicine. Today, I'm going to share with you the benefits ofa ketogenic diet and how ketogenic diets can help weight loss, cancer, and even the treatmentof Alzheimer's disease. Basically, what a ketogenic diet is, it'sputting your body in ketosis, which means your body is burning fat for energy ratherthan carbohydrates. So again, your body will burn its own body fat or fat that you're consumingdietarily for its overall energy production. This is very effective. In fact, there aremedical studies now showing that the ketogenic diet is an effective treatment for cancer,for Alzheimer's disease, and effective for

very fast weight loss. I've worked with thousandsupon thousands of patients over the years in my , and I've actually found thatthe ketogenic is quite possibly the best diet for very fast fat loss. Now, I don't believe that the ketogenic dietshould be done for typically periods more than three to six months. After that, I thinkthat you do want to add some good carbohydrates back in. But if your goal is especially fastfat loss, the ketogenic diet is the perfect diet. The reason why it works so effectively isthat when your body goes into ketosis and

starts burning fat for energy, your body isburning up its own body fat. Your body also stops feeding on sugar. So let's go into nextin terms of what it does for those three conditions. Let's start off with cancer, so the ketogenicdiet for cancer. We know that cancer cells feed off of sugar. So when you restrict yourbody, a ketogenic diet is essentially a diet that is made up of around typically 80% fat,10% carbohydrates, and 10% protein or maybe even let's say 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10%carbohydrates. The carbohydrates are very, very minimal. So again, you can see your bodyis really burning fat for energy. But the reason why the ketogenic diet is effectivein cancer treatment is that the cancer cells

are being starved. They have no sugar to feedoff of and so the cancer cells starve to death. That's why the ketogenic diet is effectivein cancer treatment. The second thing a ketogenic diet is effectivefor is weight loss and the reason being, again, your body starts burning its own body fatfor energy. Think about this. Your body will also then continue to burn fat even whileyou're sleeping at night. So your body is burning fat 247. It's not just burning thefat you consume. It's burning your own body fat. That's why it's the most effective wayto burn fat fast. And last, but not least, the ketogenic dietis effective for Alzheimer's disease. In fact,

there is a female medical in Floridawho treated her husband, who had dementia and Alzheimer's, with what she called thecoconut ketogenic diet and said it cured his symptoms completely. The reason why it wouldbe effective is we know that part of what happens in dementia and Alzheimer's is thedegeneration of the nerve system in the brain. So you really need to support the brain nervesystem. Well, a diet that has around 70% healthy fats, we know will help the brain, and wealso know that ketosis and your body being able to burn fat for energy or utilize fattyacids is critical for the brain and for the natural treatment of dementia.

Now, if you want to know what a diet wouldlook like on a ketogenic diet, again it's going to be specifically you want to add threetypes of healthy fats in your diet healthy saturated fats, omega3 fatty acids, and thenhealthy fatty acids from things that are omega9 fats that are going to be found in olive oil,avocados, and almonds, so sprouted nuts and seeds. The omega3 fats, so eating a dietthat's high in things like salmon, chia seeds, and flax seeds. Then also getting good qualitysaturated fats from things like coconut oil and highfat dairy like butter, so again coconutoil and grassfed butter or ghee. Those are some of the most effective healthy fats youwant to be consuming as part of this ketogenic

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Fast

Hey guys, Axe here, of FunctionalMedicine and founder of DrAxe . Today I'm going to share with you my top tips for gettingrid of bad breath fast, including the diet and supplements you can do, along with usingcertain essential oils. Bad breath is something that absolutely nobodywants and can sometimes be a sensitive topic. But if you want to take care of bad breath,first we need to get to what is the actual cause of bad breath. Typically, it's causedfrom the bad bacteria buildup within your body. Now, sometimes certain foods like garliccan give you temporary bad breath, but chronic bad breath on a regular basis is caused fromyeast and candida overgrowth in your body.

So the first thing we've got to address isgetting rid of yeast and candida. You're going to do that by following a dietthat is lower in sugar and higher in probiotic rich foods. And so, again, if you're consumingtoo many, not just processed sugar, but grains and white bread and white rice and even wheatproducts, but grains that over time, starches that break down into sugar, that's the biggestculprit and problem. Really yeast and candida feed off of sugar and grains. So I would recommend for a temporary timegoing completely grain free and eliminating sugar from your diet and replacing those foodswith lots of protein, fiber, healthy fats,

and probiotic rich foods, and, last but notleast, alkalizing foods. Some of the best probiotic rich foods you can add in are thingslike 24 to 29 hour fermented homemade yogurt, buying goat's milk kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi,kombucha, coconut kefir, but really loading up on the probiotic rich foods. That goodbacteria is going to help overcome the yeast and candida in your body and help balanceout those microbes in your body. That's going to help breath very, very quickly. Also, again, consuming more healthy fat. Healthyfat, especially coconut oil. Coconut oil contains specific types of fatty acids called mediumchain fatty acids, like lauric acid, capric

acid, and caprylic acid, which are antimicrobialin nature. So doing a tablespoon or two of coconut oil a day or eating a lot of coconutproducts can help bad breath as well. And then, the next thing you want to do isthere are certain foods and supplements you can take to help out with bad breath. Again,the first is a probiotic supplement. The second thing you can do is use peppermint essentialoil. In fact, I make my own athome toothpaste with a mixture of baking soda, coconut oil,and peppermint oil. Just a single drop of peppermint oil on your tongue or in your watercan help freshen up your breath. Then a food that can really, really help inimproving your breath is parsley. Part of

the reason is parsley is so alkaline in nature.So if you are making vegetable juice at home, consuming vegetable juice can actually helpgive you fresh breath, especially if you're using things like parsley and green leafyvegetables like kale, spinach. and chard, also doing things like cucumber and celeryjuice. But if you start doing a green juice daily and also consuming parsley, those arespecific foods that will have a profound effect on improving your overall breath. So again, if you follow those tips, I guaranteeyou're going to have fresher breath. Hey, if you want more of my best tips on how toimprove your health, make sure you subscribe

here to our YouTube channel. Hey guys, thishas been Axe with top tips to cure bad breath.

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