Candida Overgrowth Flatulence

Learn About What Causes Bloating

nope the problems you are experiencingactually don't begin in the colin is most people think it all starts right here in the smallintestine your experience stress get sick or eventake antibiotics the bacteria can start to grow they shouldn't this is known as SIBO then when you the bacteria will start to break downthe food and hydrogen gas is produced

good once the hydrogen accumulates inyour intestines it's the perfect environment for a typeof bacteria known as an archae bacteria these bacteria survived by using thehydrogen as fuel to produce CH4 which is methane gas it's all this methane gas that is makingyou feel so bad you see the methane has a slowing effecton the intestines by slowing everything down allows morebacteria to grow producing more methane and now you're in a vicious cycle

Quick Focus Candida

What about candida? Candida overgrowth cancause depression, did you know that? How do we get candida? Candida happens when the friendlybacteria get out of balance in the digestive tract. How do they get out of balance? Byusing antibiotics. How many of you have taken an antibiotic in your lifetime? And of thosethat have taken it, how many of you have gone up with the FloraFood to put back good bacteria?Very few people remember to do that. And you mustn't take it while you're taking antibioticsbecause the antibiotics destroy the friendly bacteria that you're taking. You finish theantibiotic and then you take it. That's if you're going to take the antibiotic.Okay, so you've got to put the bacteria back

in and you usually need Flora Food. It's whatAIM makes and it's a fantastic product. It really is exceptional. I've seen people thathave had gas and flatulence and bloating problems. Within fifteen minutes, the tummy calms down.Flora Food is amazing. We know that candida overgrowth from antibiotics.We get it when the immune system is loaded. It's low from eating refined and processedfoods. And we know that things like alcohol, refined sugar, all of that hammers at theimmune system. Anything that hammers your immune system is going to probably encouragecandida somewhere along the line. The problem is that candida is also overdiagnosed.Please remember that everybody has candida

living in their digestive tract. All of ushave it; it's normal to have it. But when the friendly bacteria are destroyed, wellthe immune system not working properly the candida proliferate and multiply and actuallytake over. They start causing problems. They can actually cause depression. They can causeproblems with the brain.

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