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Is Cranberry Juice Good For Candida Diet

Greetings. It's New Zealand naturopath, EricBakker. I'm the author of Candida Crusher. You can find that at CandidaCrusher , andI'm also the formulator of the very popular range of supplements called Canxida. You canfind those at Canxida . Today, we're going to talk about cranberryjuice. Is cranberry juice good for Candida? I've got an email her from a lady called Sheilain Sacramento. I think that's in America. Sheila wants to know if cranberry or cranberryjuice, in particular, is good for Candida. Sheila, it is. It's very good.I wouldn't rely on it solely as an antifungal, but its particular use is really for preventingUTIs, urinary tract infections, because it

contains quite an interesting ingredient thatprevents bacteria from adhering to the mucous membranes in the urethra. We've got a powderwe use for UTIs called DMannose. Mannose works like that, too.How this substance in cranberry and mannose powder works is a bit like how Velcro works.You've got the funny side with all the hooks and all sort of rough, and the other sideis smooth and when they cling together, they rip apart. So the substance in cranberry juiceworks like Velcro with bacteria. Bacteria are attracted to it, they hook on to it, andthen they can't get released. And then, of course, you urinate out the Velcro. You'reliterally urinating the Velcro out, those

two pieces again, passed out in the urine.So it prevents E.coli from adhering to the urethra. But also, it changes the pH or thepotential hydrogen of the environment. It is acidic.It's got this sort of acid sort of flavor about it, which isn't bad for you. It notonly prevents bacteria, but Candida doesn't like it either. So by drinking it regularlyand you can even use it on the skin for yeast infections, and I've got some psoriasis patientswho swear by using cranberry juice as well because most psoriasis patients are loadedwith yeast infections, up to three quarters of them. And I know from experience that bygetting them to apply the cranberry juice

to the skin, it certainly has a great effecton it. Yes, Sheila. The cranberry juice is very effectivefor Candida. The problem that arises here, most commercial brands contain sugar. Becauseof course, it's very tart and acidic, so they put lots of sugar in it to make it taste nice.If it tastes sweet and look at the packaging, if it's got sugar in it, don't touch it. Youcan actually buy the cranberries whole from your health food shop and you can make upyour own cranberry drink. That's a clever approach, but it's quite tart. You don't wantit full of sugar because that's going to encourage Candida.So get cranberries whole or buy 100 percent

unsweetened cranberry juice and drink oneglass per day, especially if you suffer from urinary tract infections. And many women withvaginal yeast infections suffer from urinary tract infections. Drinking one glass of theconcentrated cranberry juice per day with no sugar in it is a very smart move for notonly UTIs, but also for Candida prevention. Thanks for your question, Sheila. And also,Sheila, don't forget to subscribe to my channel. Thank you.

Is Bee Pollen Good on Candida Diet

Greetings. Eric Bakker, naturopath from NewZealand, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of products. Questiontoday I got from somebody in the States is quot;Is bee pollen good against Candida?quot;Being a beekeeper myself, I love bee pollen. It's a fantastic food. You can put these thingscalled pollen traps on your beehive. Pollen traps are quite interesting because when thebee goes for these tiny little holes, it scrapes its back legs and the little pollen bags dropoff. I think it's cruel to collect bee pollen because I think that bee pollen actually belongsinside the beehive. It's actually good food for the bees and especially for the baby beesto eat. However, it is a very good dietary

supplement to take.Some people can react to bee pollen. I've had a few patients come back and report theirblood pressure elevated after taking it. It doesn't contain honey, so it is safe to takewhen you've got a yeast infection. So don't confuse bee pollen and honey. It is an incrediblypowerful building food, bee pollen, because it contains so much goodness from plants.It's got all the B vitamins in it. It's got copper in it. It's got zinc in it. It's gotbiotin in it. It's got many different kinds of minerals in it, including magnesium andcalcium. There is a lot of potassium in it. It is almost like a kind of super food toeat.

Research is interesting showing that peoplewho live some of the longest life spans have been beekeepers. They sell off all of theirhoney to people, but then they keep the rubbish left for themselves, which often includesbits of beeswax and pollen in it. Many people in different parts of the world who live to100+ have been beekeepers. There is a bit of hope for me yet.Do I recommend bee pollen for killing Candida or is it antifungal? No. I don't. I do recommendit as a boost for your health. I can see no harm in taking bee pollen. It's excellentfor your health, but I don't really believe it is going to kill the fungus itself. It'snot anti. It's a good health builder, but

it's not an antifungal. It has shown to havesome limited antibacterial qualities, but it has not really shown to be a strong antifungalin its own right. Do I endorse bee pollen capsules? I do. I think they're a great productto take, but I think you could probably do a lot better if you've got a yeast infectionthan spending your money on bee pollen supplements. But they are a good adjunct to overall goodhealth. That's my take on bee pollen and yeast infection.Thanks for tuning in. Be sure to subscribe.

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