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Candida Case HELP My Stool Is A Funny Color

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker,author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the Canxida range of dietary supplements. Thankyou so much again for checking out my tutorial. And thank you also for all my fans out there,all the emails I'm getting. I've been getting lots of good comments on YouTube. I'm gettinglots of comments on Facebook. Yeastinfection , we're getting some nice feedback. I'm alsonow a member of various closed group communities on Facebook. One recently that I've joinedis the Swedish Group, so that's at Candida Cleanse Sweden, and I think we've got about2,500 members on that Facebook page. I'm quite happy to be part of different Facebook forums.If you're involved in any Facebook groups,

please let us know.We've got an email question from a lady called Linda Dearsly and Linda lives in Connecticutin the USA. Linda is asking me about the different colors of stool. What do they mean? She'sa bit alarmed because her stool sometimes is quite a light color and she wants to knowwhat the heck that means. I was going to call this tutorial the 50 Shades of Poo. I thoughtI better not do that because it might offend a few people. Instead of calling it the 50Shades of Poo, we're just basically going to call it What's wrong with my stool? It'sa funny color. Let's talk a little bit about different colorsof stool. Normally, a bowel motion will be

brown color. If you've got that brown tancolor to the stool and you're passing out 12 to 18 inches of bowel motion a day, cigarshaped, low odor, easy to pass, you've got good bowel function. You've generally gotgood bacteria. You're eating a reasonable amount of fiber. You've got a good balancein your autonomic nervous system. You're probably not under too much stress. Stress has a significanteffect on the shape of the stool. I'll probably discuss it in another tutorial.For example, irritable bowel syndrome, we know that 50 percent of IBS is stress related.People with IBS can sometimes have diarrhea, constipation. People with normal bowel likeme will generally have a bowel motion in the

morning and generally have a bowel motionin the afternoon. I consider two bowel motions a day to be quite good. Very good indeed.A good friend of mine that practiced in Africa for many, many years and then went over tothe UK, the Island to practice, noticed some massive changes in what he found in bowelfunction. Indigenous people living in underdeveloped countries eat five, six, seven, ten timesmore fiber than people who live in the western developed nations. Consequently, they passout more, cleaner, smaller, more frequent motions and they don't have to wipe theirbum. Because they've got a clean, dry stool. In the western world, we're one of the veryfew creatures that actually use toilet paper.

Probably the only creature. You don't seedogs or cats wiping their bottoms with toilet paper or certainly you wouldn't see birdsor any animals doing it. The humans have got this funny desire every time we go groceryshopping to throw the toilet paper in the shopping trolley and to use that. I hope thisisn't embarrassing you too much. Part of my job with patients is to talk a lot about poosand urination and stool odor and all that sort of stuff, so I don't find that foreign.My apologies if you're getting offended by this, but it's all part of normal human healthis to have a good bowel motion. And I can tell you, there's nothing more satisfyingthan having a good poo, getting up and feeling

like you've cleaned right out. It's reallya sign of good health is to have good bowel function.The brown color as I mentioned before I got off track is really what happens. Red bloodcells die and they form part of the bowel pigment that gets produced by the liver andstored in the gall bladder. Bile is secreted into the small intestine during the digestiveprocess. An increase or decrease in bile can certainly change the color of stool. Excessbile can make it greasy, yellowy, greeny color sometimes. Insufficient bile can make it avery pale or white color. It can signify liver disorder. It can signify a biliary obstruction.It's an obstruction of the bile passage or

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