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Candida Case Study 1 Kirsty 19 yrs Fatigue Brain Fog and Thrush

Thanks for checking out my tutorial. I'm goingto be doing a series of case histories over the next few weeks, which may be of use toyou. In my book, Candida Crusher, there's about 25 case histories in here out of themany thousands of people I've seen, so I've written a few of them up in here. I'm goingto go through a lot of these case studies. I'll read some text out of my book and thenI'll elaborate on these cases and explain a bit more as they go along. I think you mightfind this of a lot of use. Our first case history is a 19yearold ladycalled Kirsty. This is out of chapter two of Candida Crusher. Kirsty's a young femalestudent who came to my about two years

ago complaining of chronic fatigue. She wasabsolutely exhausted and found it hard to concentrate at the university. Kirsty wasfalling asleep during the afternoon lectures and becoming anxious at her inability to concentrate.Her main complaints were foggy thinking, anxiety and depression, occasional vaginal yeast infection,intermittent pains in her tummy, nausea and small white spots on her body.Her mother had been a patient of my practice for some time, so she referred Kirsty to seeme. When I questioned about her daughter's diet and lifestyle, so I gave her a call.I remember calling this lady up. Sometimes I get very good information from relationsof patients regarding the patient's behavior

or desires, their diet, and sometimes peopleare a bit embarrassed to give that information away.I practice in a small village her in New Zealand. Not that many people and many people knowpeople. And for that reason, I often get a lot of inside information on people. It'ssurprising how often I go shopping and someone will say, quot;Oh, I've got to send my daughterto you,quot; or quot;I've got to send my husbandquot; or things like that. quot;And by the way, he drinkstoo much.quot; Things like that, so you'll get information.In Kirsty's case, her mom told me that Kirsty likes to drink quite a lot of alcohol on Fridayand Saturday night, a lot of white wine, and

she smokes a few cigarettes, but likes todrink. And, of course, when I saw Kirsty, she said she didn't drink much at all. Butaccording to her mom, she's drinking like a bottle of wine a night on the weekends andeating a lot of stuff that typical university students eat like twominute noodles and alot of take away food. What I've written here, Kirsty showed me herarms and I immediately identified a fungal skin complaint that I've commonly seen onarms, legs, and torsos of chronic Candida patients for many years. I knew this was anotherchronic Candida sufferer, and her ran all the tests and found nothing wrong. Theskin scraping was sent to the lab, which was

inconclusive. I've seen similar skin rashesbefore and sometimes the s quickly say, quot;Oh, it's eczema. It's psoriasis. It's dermatitis.quot;It's blah, blah, blah, some weird name. Sometimes they'll get referred to a dermatologist thatcomes up with a name like this long. quot;I've just diagnosed this condition and we've gotthis wonderful cream for this condition.quot; I tend to call dermatologists quot;cream specialistsquot;because all they do is give creams all day. How depressing is that? We had a few consultations.I can remember working with Kirsty for some time, two or three consultations and a fewSkype consultations. The big thing with young girls at that ageis usually they've moved out of home. They've

just started university or college. They misstheir parents. Sometimes if they haven't been introduced to alcohol, they'll cut loose andgo crazy with booze. My daughter when she was 17 or 18 would have a glass of wine hereat home sometimes, so she got used to alcohol at a young age and she didn't go crazy withit. Many times when they're flatting or move intoan apartment by themselves, with a girlfriend, or with their boyfriend, they'll often havecrappy diets. They'll eat twominute noodles. They'll have pizzas. They won't look afterthemselves properly. They'll be under high stress, study stress, financial stress, emotionalstress; they're on the Pill, all these sorts

Candida Are You Suffering From Yeast

gt;gt; So there's really no way to kill yeastand candida quickly, just. gt;gt; Well, you have to understand what you have. gt;gt; Yeah. gt;gt; If you have mild symptoms, and it's onlyin your digestive tract it's easy. You do the basics on the diet for 6 weeks, it's gone. You just keep a little bit of this fed inyour system in the fridge even if you do eat a little sugar here and there it reallydoesn't come back. Now, if you took antibiotics on and off forten years like I did, and you know it gets

in the gut, and it stays there and you livewith it and you don't know it, and then it starts getting systemic. But you're you know,and you're strong, and you keep going, and you're conquering your life. And you're living with all these symptoms they're small and you don't realize it. And you social drink a bit, which I did backin those days. The social drinking with antibiotics together and you're eating sugar thatwas the biggest nono. Eventually, the yeast starts to get systemic.But it doesn't do it over night, so it's very obvious to you what's happening, so you knowwhat to do about it.

It's not like that. It does it slow; it sneaks up on you. You know first you just notice that maybein a year or two period, you notice that you just don't have the urge to excercise thesame. And then maybe you notice your eyesight changesa little bit, at distances, or up close for reading depends on the person. You're like, quot;You know my eyes are changing.Well, I'm getting a little olderquot;. And you just

And then the next year you start noticinga little more allergies. Maybe you just get an anal itch, or maybe you get a yeast infectiona little more often than you should. Or a sinus infection, or a UTI. Then you think, quot;Well that's normal peopleget that. I could take something for that.quot; But it comes back. It seems to recur. Or astrept throat thing. And then, you start noticing random boutsof diahrrea or constipation for no rhyme or reason. And you're wondering, quot;Well, I must've atesomething I must've ate something.quot;

You know, and then you start noticing, ittakes me longer to do everything during the day. I sleep in longer, I'm going up slow,I have a slight fog at times, or a numbness. And you start getting to the brain fog stage you're living with systemic candida. There's billions of yeast living in your body247. And you're a fungal farm. You're carrying it and you're walking with it. And then your consiousness if affecting you.So you start noticing that you get lowgrade depression. It's like a spark inside you that's you andit knows you can achieve everything you want

to achieve. But you feel like you're swarmed around withthis mass of despondent, kindofataloss, sort of negativity. Where you're just in a complete funk. Andyou're not inspired. You're not happy. And you're sort of depressed. You don't know whatto do. A lot of times people, they'll turn to thesugar as their relationship. They'll get their ice cream, or their littlecandy. There's ice cream sandwiches, and they're sitting at the TV.

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