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The Natural Treatment Of Urethritis

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker. Author of Candida Crusher and formulator ofthe Canxida range of products. Thanks for checking out my tutorial. I have a request here from a lady called Nataliein Sweden. Natalie is quite a remarkable lady who setup a Facebook page for people with Candida yeast infections, but also all different kindsof problems and health issues related to Candida. Natalie has asked me, quot;Eric, can you pleasetalk about urethritis?quot;

Urethritis belongs to a category of problemscalled urinary tract infections. There are different kinds of UTIs or urinarytract infections. Urethritis relates more to an inflammationof the urethra, which is a conduit for the little tube that runs from the bladder tothe outside of the body. We've also other conditions of that. We've got cystitis, which is really the bladderinfection or the reservoir of the urine to which the urethra is attached to. They move on out to the body toward the urethra.

We've got prostatitis that males can get. We've got pyelonephritis, which is a kidneyinflammation. A person will get fevers and chills and painin the back like being kicked in the back by a horse or something like that. Urethritis is actually quite a common conditionand it can affect men and women both equally. It can affect young people and old people. There are different reasons why these particulartype of age groups will get it. Let's go into that a little bit.

Men can be quite prone to urethritis evenif they've got a longer urethra, they can certainly be prone to it. They tend to have a thinner mucous membranelining the urethra than women do who tend to have a shorter and thicker one. Women tend to have urethritis particularlyas they older. Much more prone due to estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen has a very big effect on maintainingthe integrity of the urinary tract. Older women can be much more prone to urinarytract infections than younger women.

I feel because they have these big problemswith estrogen and progesterone. It may pay to get your hormones checked outand maybe balanced or fixed up if you are certainly an older type of person. With the younger ones, most cases of urethritis,I find, is after having intimate relations or after sex. It's important to go straight to the bathroomto urinate after that. Make sure that the hygiene is very good. If you get this infection, try to find outwhat it is.

Is it a Candida problem? Is it a bacterial problem? Is it virus? What's causing the actual infection. s will routinely give antibiotics, whichis crazy. Because if you don't know what you're doingyour just given antibiotics routinely. You could be causing a big problem for yourselfand destroying a lot of normal flora while not even affecting the bug that's causingthe problem in the first place.

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