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Male Yeast Infection Need internal And External Treatment

First of all, I'd like to thank the many menwho have purchased my book, Candida Crusher, in the past 12 months. This has shown manymen also suffer from yeast infections that are interested in looking at a resolutionand also clearly shows me that yeast infection is not a women's problem like many practitionersunfortunately think it is. Many men suffer from yeast infection of theprivate areas of the inner thigh, of the scrotum or in the rectal area, and also around thepenis, the glans penis. All those areas can drive a guy crazy when they become infectedwith Candida Albicans. I've seen many hundreds of men come to mecomplaining of these symptoms. Some of them

have got mild problems and, in fact, somepatients are pretty desperate and even suicidal because they've been sent from one to another and given some vaginal cream or some stupid treatment, which generallydon't resolve anything at all. If you're a guy watching this now and havegot a men's yeast infection, I can help you. I've helped many men, so you'll find a lotmore in Chapter 4 in my book on some quick solutions and also yeastinfection hasgot some good ideas on it. So what are you going to do if you've gota yeast infection and you're a guy? You just going to use Vagisil or something like that?Don't laugh, but this is something that many

men have told me that's been recommended tothem by their general practitioner. It's quite a stupid treatment. Yeast infection requires internal treatmentas well as external treatment. It's very important you tackle this area on a couple of differentfronts if you want to get a good resolution. Internal treatment, I mean you need to cutout alcohol for some time. So if you're a guy watching this now and you've got a yeastinfection of the penis or the rectal area driving you crazy, it's itchy, and you'redrinking beer or wine or spirits and you think you can cure it with some cream, well, you'rewasting your time. You need to make some changes.

You really need to make some changes to yourdiet and lifestyle long term to stop feeding this yeast infection, to reduce the food supply. It's very important that you consider thispoint that 'm making here. I've seen all too many people who just consider it an externalproblem that needs a cream. So you can read more of my writings on ericbakker as wellregarding diet and lifestyle. You need to need make changes. So what kind of changesdo you need to make? What I think is one of the better diet approachesfor the guy is the MEVY diet, so meat, eggs, vegetables, and yogurt. So a kind of Paleoapproach is going to work well, but I don't

want you just eating a whole bunch of meat,barbeques and foods like that and ribs. You need to have plenty of vegetable matter aswell, green leafy vegetables. The fermented and cultured foods are important,too, to put good bacteria back into the body, so good quality yogurt and kefir is also good.Kefir is quite an important food to eat to put lots of beneficial bacteria there. Changeof pH of the gut. But probably by far the biggest one for males is cutting out alcoholfor some time. I'll tell you now, guys, if this problem is really driving you crazy,and you are really at your wit's end and want to get rid of this problem, you need to listenup. You need to make those changes because

treating this thing purely on the externalis a waste of time. Okay. It really is a waste of time. You can cure this thing completely.I had really bad jock itch in my 20s to the point where it drove me nuts. I was itchingand scratching the skin. It was bleeding. Having a shower or going swimming was justa nightmare. It was pain. It stopped me from wanting to have relationships. I got verydepressed over the whole thing, so if this is you right now, I've been where you are. You can cure this thing completely, right?But you need to make those changes for at least three to six months, and you need todo the external treatment. And you can read


Greetings. It's New Zealand naturopath, EricBakker, author of Candida Crusher. Thanks so much for checking out my tutorial. I'm goingto talk now about how you can cure Candida in one hour. What do you think about that?This is a sequel to quot;How to Cure Candida in 24 hours.quot; I think it was 24 hours or 7 days.I did another similar tutorial with a very short defined time on curing Candida and I got kickedin the ass when I did this tutorial. Kicked in the ass. I've had all this hate mail and fanmail and awful email comments. In fact, I've disabled comments on that tutorial and I'm goingto disable comments on this tutorial. This is not switch and bait. I did not dothis tutorial to give you any kind of false promise.

In fact, let me read out some interestingstuff here. I found an interesting website that says not to use these seven particularterms on any kind of tutorial or blog or article regarding health or medicine. Cure, miracle,breakthrough, promising, dramatic, hope, or you are a victim. These aren't really goodwords to use at all when it comes to tutorials. I just looked at two tutorials on YouTube regardingcuring Candida that use the word quot;cure.quot; Now, you're only going to find me using that wordtwice on YouTube. With this tutorial and the other promise that I gave you that we cancure it very quick. If you're watching this tutorial thinking thatyou can get rid of your Candida in one hour,

then you are a sucker because it isn't goingto happen. quot;Former yeast infection sufferer reveals the only holistic system in existencethat will show you how to permanently cure your yeast infection,quot; 22,798 viewers. Whata load of crap. Next one, quot;Cure Candida yeast infection guaranteed.quot; And I watched thisparticular gentlemen speaking who said there are three causes of Candida and these arethe three prime causes, leaky gut is the number one cause. Second one is excessive alcoholconsumption, and a third one is too much phosphorus in food. I don't really think so, 11,060 viewers,not bad. I suspect this tutorial is going to get a lotof views mainly because there are a lot of

suckers out there who believe that they canget rid of Candida in 60 minutes of less. Now, why do you think I'm wearing black? I'mwearing black because it's the opposite of white. I didn't want to wear a white coatand look like a total idiot. I hate people who wear white coats doing tutorials on healthwith stethoscopes wrapped around them. I've got a stethoscope. I could put that aroundmy neck if it might make you feel like I'm a bit more medical. There, I can do that foryou, but it doesn't look good on black, does it? It looks quite stupid, so I won't do it.White coats look dumb on the internet as far as I'm concerned. It's got nothing to do withhealing. Maybe it shows up blood more if you're

performing surgery on someone. I don't knowwhy they wear these white coats. White coats, hypertension, have you heard of it, gettingblood pressure when you go to the . That's why I'm wearing black because it'sthe opposite of white. There is no way you're going to get rid ofCandida in one hour. And there is no way you're going to get rid of it in seven days. It'san overgrowth. It's an imbalance. It's caused because of some kind of a faulty mode of living.Eating and living is in imbalance. Imbalances take time to correct. Any kind of imbalancetakes time because you've got a lot to learn. You need to learn a lot about how to live,how to eat, many different things need to

be taught to someone with a big imbalance.So if you really think that you can cure Candida in one hour, then you just got sucked in.Thank you for watching this tutorial.

Eliminating Candida by Fasting with Loren Lockmanmov

Hi, I'm Loren Lockman. In this short tutorial,I'm going to be talking a little bit about Candida Albicans and how you can eliminate that issue,if you're dealing with it Candida's become a very common problem today,and it's so common because antibiotics, birth control pills for women, many otherpharmaceutical drugs, and even some of the things that people both eat and believe are healthy to eatare exarcebating the problem with Candida How does this happen? Well, Candida Albicans is ayeast that occurs naturally in virtually everybody it's in the 99.9% of the population,all we carry this yeast. When our gut flora, the bacteria in the digestivetract, are healthy they prevent the yeast

from taking over. But what happens is weconsume any of the medications or maybe somebody's food, and referring to what happensis we kill off the beneficial bacteria in the body that prevent the yeast from taking over,and the yeast now grow unchecked by anything that prevents them from flourishing and so in order to eliminate candida what weneed to do is find the way to kill up yeast without harming the benefitial bacteria.There're other things you can do, medicine has some answers for you, there're some veryvery potent drugs that you can take. Unfortunately, what they tend to do is kill notonly the yeast but the beneficial organisms in

your body as well. And you may be not awareof this but not only can we not be healthy, we can't even be alive without the beneficialorganisms that live in our bodies So we may want to be careful about doingsomething that actually begins to kill off those beneficial organisms.There is another way The last 14 years I've been supervisingwateronly fasts, of anywhere from 1 to 9 weeks and what happens with fasts with Candida is theyeast which feed on the food, the sugar that we're either consuming or producing as a resultof consumed food they feed on the sugar before we get the chance to, they flourish whenwe're eating, almost regardless ovbiously if we

were eating a lot processed sugar or a lot ofcomplex carbohydrates in the presence of real fibre we're winding up giving a tons of food.This is further exacerbated in standard american diet or many alternative diets that still containsan excessive amount of fat the average american is consuming roughly 30%of their calories from fat, and when this fat is in the blood stream the body has a harder timeprocessing the sugar, the sugar is available to the yeast longer and that means the use of abetter chance of being able to feed on itand use it for the own benefit rather than allowing those nutrients to benefit us,our bodies run on sugar, but not processed sugar that creates problems for us

So, when we fast what happens is the yeast inmediatelybegins to starve, because they have no food there's nothing to feed them because there'snothing coming in, but don't those beneficial bacteria starves too. Well, fortunately the beneficialorganisms in our body benefit us precisely because they live on dead and dying tissue,they're essentially nature's garbage man in our bodies helping us to eliminate thevery things that we don't want So, when we're fasting the yeast is starvingbecause is not being fed, the bacteria continues to get everything they need to flourish andwe wind up taking this inbalance of yeast to bacteria and being able to shift it.Now, what I've found over the last 14 years of

fasting more than 2000 people and many of themwith Candida problems, and in fact, I've suffered from a severe Candida, sistemic Candidainfection myself 25 years ago What I find is that tipically it takes at least 21days of only consuming water in order to be able to eliminate the Candida. And before you say:quot; Ok, great, I'm gonna start drinking water andnot gonna consume anything elsequot; You need to understand that is not safe to doit on your own. It's important to understand what it is and what is not ok.And fasting on your own is not a good idea, going 21 days without food is not a good ideaunless you got proper experience in supervision, ok? When you're at the fasting center like theTanglewood Wellness Center, or one of the other ones

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