If You Have A Yeast Infection Does Your Period Stop

How Many Days After My Period is Ovulation

How many days after my period is ovulation?I need to know. Ovulation is half way through the averagecycle. Is that half way based on first bleeding orwhen I stop bleeding or what? Day one is when the lining starts to shed. AKA, it is really obvious once you start bleeding. You stop bleeding anywhere from day threeto day seven. Obviously you do not ovulate at that point. Ovulation can occur anywhere from day 10 today 24.

So on a day 14, that is two days after myperiod started, is when I ovulate. Right. And ovulation will be seven to tendays after your period ended, on average, depending on how long it lasts. Ovulation is not always on day 14. So track your menstrual cycle, and you'llfigure out which day is half way. Except that you said it could be half wayplus or minus a couple days. On a 30 day cycle, 3 days is a ten percent margin of error, whilethe egg only lasts one. You will see changes to indicate when youovulated, such as the cervical mucus changing.

I hardly even notice it except when bleedingor fish smelling. A fish smell means you have a yeast infection.Bleeding usually means you have your period, an STD with lesions causing bleeding or, foronly a few, dried blood drops because your ovary released a little blood when the eggcame out. But a few drops of blood on the panties canalso mean an embryo implanted. You'll ovulate between day 13 and day 15for most women, counting from the day your period started. An embryo implanting willbe three to seven days after that. So a few drops of blood a few days beforemy period is due means I'm pregnant.

It might mean you are pregnant, or you usedtoo much douche or half a dozen other reasons. And anything but pregnancy and feminine hygieneis bad. You'll ovulate a week to a week and a halfafter your period ends, but I'd say the cervical mucus turning clear and watery insteadof thick and gooey or your BBT going up is a better indicator than a calendar. What is BBT? BBT stands for basal body temperature, yourbody temperature at rest. It spikes the day after you ovulated.

Though in theory the egg is still good atthat time. If in doubt, this is why they sell ovulationtests like pregnancy tests by the half dozen.

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