Is Yeast Infection Of The Mouth Contagious

How Contagious Is Candida

How contagious is Candida? Is Candida contagious?Can you get it from somebody else? Can you give it to somebody else?Well, not really. It's not a disease that you're going to spread around that easily.In fact, I don't believe many diseases are easily caught from other people because itall depends on your level of susceptibility. To get sick, you have to be a person who attractssickness to them. A very interesting book I read when I wasa student was called the Organon of Medicine written by Samuel Hahnemann. Hahnemannwas the founder of Homeopathy. Homeopathy has been very maligned, particularly in thelast 5 to 10 years. It's been ridiculed and

slammed incredibly. Its biggest opponents,obviously, are the pharmaceutical industry. We've seen this 100 years ago in America aswell. When homeopathy was almost completely destroyed and it came back up again.It's been destroyed in many countries again like the U.S. and the U.K., but it will comeback up again in years to come. As allelopathic pharmaceutical medicine slowly dies and peoplerealize that these drugs kill more people and maim more people than they cure, powerfulnatural therapies will once again arise. I firmly believe that.Hahnemann wrote in his book that people attract illness to them a bit like a magnet attractsmetal to it, and I've repeatedly seen this

as well. People that are stressed, that areweak, that have an increased susceptibility and a decreased resistance are the ones thatget sick. This is especially so. You will find that many people can be around otherswho get sick and never get sick. And yet other people develop this sickness spontaneouslywithout even being around someone who's sick, so how does that happen? Why doesn't everybodyget sick when somebody else is sick? It's all about immune resistance. It's allabout susceptibility. If you are a person who suffers from stress, malnutrition, nutritionaldeficiencies, you've got problems with bowel flora; there are many reasons why we couldcontract a Candida infection.

One of the biggest stresses that can affectus are pharmaceutical drugs, particularly patients who've been taking steroids, antiinflammatorymedications that wreck their gut function, antibiotics that destroy the gut function.These sorts of drugs taken repeatedly. The oral contraceptive pill is another prime oneinvolved in yeast infections. Passing it from one to another is a possibilitywith intimate contact, so I've certainly seen that occur, but not in all cases, but it canhappen. But you're not really going to pass a yeast infection from one person to anotherwith utensil sharing like giving somebody a cup or a spoon or something like that, notgenerally. Most Candida won't survive the

stomach anyway. But certainly genital contact,sexual contact, I've seen that definitely happen. So with partners, it's always importantto make sure that if one person has a yeast infection, that the other one takes precautions.That's certainly worth bearing in mind. But other conditions like gastrointestinalor toenail fungus, I don't really believe that these things are passed around from oneperson to another. Many people say that you get Athlete's foot just by being in gym rooms,but that's not true. Many people walk around in locker rooms, changing rooms, in bare feetand don't get toenail fungus. Toenail fungus, again, is not a contagious disease. It's acondition that you develop because you wear

socks all the time. Because you don't airout your feet. Because you have too much sugars in your diet. These things are not, I believe,passed from one person to another. So to answer that question. Yes and no. Itcan be spread intimately, but I don't believe in other ways necessarily. I hope that answersyour question. Thank you.

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