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Directors Briefing Testing to Prevent Colon Cancer

CDC works 247 to savelives and protect people. This month's Vital Signs reports that about 23 millionadults ages 50 to 75 haven't gotten thelifesaving tests they need to find colon cancer early. This is really important. Every year, more than 50thousand Americans die from colorectal cancer, and yet,

testing could have preventedmost of those deaths. Testing can find precancerousgrowths, called polyps, so they can be removedbefore they turn into cancer. Testing also helpsfind colorectal cancer at an early stage, whentreatment can lead to cure. If you're 50 or over,get tested. If you're younger than 50and have a family history of colorectal cancer orpolyps or other risk factors,

talk with your about getting tested. The Affordable Care Actrequires insurance coverage of all colorectal cancertesting at no cost, and that's great for you. There're different typesof screening tests. Talk with your aboutwhich one is right for you. The best test is thetest that gets done.

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