Yeast Infection Symptoms Disappear

Will A Male Yeast Infection Go Away On Its Own

Here's a question. Will a male yeast infectiongo away on its own? It can. In fact, it is possible if it's a very slight yeast infectionand not much is done about it. Particularly, if the guy makes a few changes to his dietand lifestyle and starts to realize that he's really gone off track and makes a few changesand then the body will pick up; the immune system will get on top of it. But in mostcases, it will not go away unless the guy makes a significant change or starts usingsome kind of cream or pill to suppress the symptom, but those treatments are only temporary,and they can harm your body in the long term because you're still doing the things thatmaintain the Candida and now you're taking

a drug, whether it's topical or oral, to tryto get rid of the problem. I've always been a great believer in identifyingthe cause and treating the cause, and if you understand that with Candida we've usuallygot an exciting cause or something that starts the yeast infection and then we've got a maintainingcause, something that keeps it going. For example, you may have had an antibiotic foran illness or an infection and that could've started your jock itch like it did with me.I had a chest infection. I worked in a flourmill as a young guy doing rotating shifts, I gotvery sick and developed a bad bronchial infection and the gave me antibiotics. And Iwent on a few rounds of them and then I started

getting itchy skin and the jock itch and itdidn't go away. And how did I maintain it? Well, I was drinkingbeer like all guys do. We all drink beer. And I drank stupid things like CocaCola andI had a poor diet back in those days. I lived in a house that was quite moldy. It was ina lowlying area and when it rained I used to get sometimes water in my bedroom. Therewas even like a black mold on the walls, so I was sleeping in a moldy environment. I waseating poor foods. I was living in a high stress sort of job with rotating shifts, midnight,working days, and the midnights and crazy hours, so all these stresses on the body maintainedthe jock itch.

These are the sort of things that you've gotto look at. You won't get rid of this problem unless you make major changes, so I got ridof my job, just got rid of it. I moved out of that house, moved away, and I saw a naturopath,which was the start of my naturopathic career. The naturopath helped me to understand thatall that Candida was was a combination of all of these factors that I had to make changes.And when I made the changes, the jock itch slowly went away after about a year. So this is what you need to do. Identify whatcaused it and what's maintaining it and deal with this problem correctly. When you do that,you'll put an end to this nightmare. That's

how you get rid of it. It won't go away onits own accord. You need to make those changes. Check on my other tutorials and do the yeastinfection quiz, the world's best one, on yeastinfection you'll find links to that or CandidaCrusher will take you directly to my quiz. Thanks for tuning in.

Will My Bad Breath Go Away When I Cure My Yeast Infection

Good day there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, authorof Candida Crusher with a question. My breath is really bad and I have a yeastinfection. Will the bad breath go away when I'm cured? Well, bad breath can come from many differentreasons. Look at your diet, for example. Are you eating the right kind of foods? Are youkeeping your teeth and gums clean? What does your tongue look like? Is it pale; is it white? I'm going to do a lot more tutorials on tonguesigns and symptoms, but suffice it to say, if you've got bad breath, look at your tongue.If there's a white coating on it, you've probably

got poor bacteria and yeast in your digestivesystem. So coating at the back of the tongue will signify a problem further down; the sigmoidcolon or rectum. So with bad breath, try these tricks. Lookafter your gums and teeth quite well. Don't forget to brush your tongue, something a lotof people don't do. Pop your toothbrush in a bit of water with hydrogen peroxide at nightto kill any bacteria, and make sure you floss your teeth quite well and look after yourgums. It's very important. Chew your food properly. Take some digestive enzymes. Don'teat in front of screens. One in five people in America now have one of their meals ofthe day in front of Facebook, and a lot of

people have their evening meal watching thesix o'clock news. It's not a good idea. So make sure you develop some good habits andchew food properly and slowly away from screens. And take your time when you're eating yourmeal. Eating a good wholesome, fresh foods dietis going to help a lot to prevent bad breath. I've seen quite a few patients just live onmeat and potatoes, for example, and have not many vegetables in their diet. Seventeen percentof people in England don't even eat any fruit or vegetables. That's quite a lot isn't it?Try and develop some good healthy habits first before you start looking further afield withhalitosis, another word for bad breath.

A key thing I look for in people is stomachproblems. You could well have an infection called, helicobacter pylori or Hpylori, andI'll do some tutorials on Hpylori and explain this concept more in detail. So there's a big chance that your bad breathwill go away when your digestion's cleared up. So I hope that answers your question aboutbad breath and yeast infections. Thank you.

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