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Is Kefir Good When You Have A Yeast Infection

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath and authorof Candida Crusher. Thank you for tuning into my tutorial today. Today I'd love to talk a bit about Kefir,about a fermented food called Kefir, and whether it is suitable for a Candida yeast infection.I frequently get asked this question from time after time from people. Is yogurt okayto have? Is Kefir okay to have? Is sauerkraut okay to have? How do I eat them? How do Iprepare them? I'm going to do a few tutorials on these particular topics. So Kefir is a fermented particular type offood, which is very beneficial for your digestive

system. There are different ways you can makeKefir, which I'll cover in other tutorials. Kefir, generally, is very easy to make. When youget some high quality Kefir grains and use a good quality milk, particularly a raw milk,unhomogenized, unpasteurized, the Kefir grains grow quite rapidly at room temperature within24 to 36, 48 hours to develop an excellent fermented food, which provides a very highquality lactic acid rich environment for your digestive system. So it's particularly beneficial for peoplewith a yeast infection to have Kefir. Kefir can be consumed in small amounts initiallyand in larger amounts over time. You'll find

that you can use the Kefir grains time andagain once you use a good quality strain. You can also make coconut Kefir as well ascow's milk Kefir and even water Kefir. Simple to make. So, yes, I would encourage Kefir. In fact,I think it's probably one of the most beneficial of all the cultured foods to consume witha yeast infection. I hope that answers your question. Thank you.

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