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Is Tea Tree Oil Good For Candida

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker again. Author of Candida Crusher and formulator ofthe Canxida range of supplements. Thank you as usual for checking out my tutorial. I really appreciate you checking out my tutorial. Today, we're going to talk about tea treeoil. In particular, Australian tea tree oil. Australian tea tree oil has been around fora long, long time.

In fact, the Australian aborigines, the indigenouspopulation of Australia have been living in their continent for about 60,000 years, soa long time some particular tribes migrated from Asia down, Gondwanaland where all thecontinents were still formed as one big land mass and they drifted apart. The aborigines basically started to reallycamp out in Australia. Naturally, they started to use all kinds ofdifferent plants, animals and different things for medicines. We believe that Australian tea tree oil ispossibly been used for tens of thousands of

years. The indigenous people like many people gaineda lot of this wisdom, which they passed down from generation to generation. Australian tea tree oil, melaleuca alternifoliahas always been traditionally used for respiratory tract infection where they would crush theleaves and boil it in water and inhale that. They would use it on cuts, wounds and bites. Spear wounds are quite common. Also bites from animals and infections.

The aborigines used this quite wisely. In 1923, there was an Australian governmentchemist by the name of Arthur Penfold. Back in the 20s a very popular antisepticto use by s was something called carbolic acid. What Mr. Penfold discovered when he analyzedall these different natural plants is that the melaleuca alternifolia was nine to tentimes more potent as an antiseptic agent than carbolic acid was. The government became very excited and bythe 1930s and 1940s, it was in widespread

use throughout Australia. All the houses contained a bottle tea treeoil. This was prepharmacy days, where all thechemical companies started profiting. People used it for sore feet, ulcers, blisters,infections, sunburns, and insect bites. They used it for all kinds of stuff. Gum diseases it was popular, tin ear, athletesfoot, jock itch. It was the normal medicine used. In fact, it was so effective that the governmentbasically had every soldier take a bottle

of tea tree oil away to war to be used forall kinds of infections. Then, of course, when pharmaceutical companiesbecame big, it basically just about all died off. Then, by the 1960s, the tea tree oil industrywas all wiped out. In 1976, there was a guy called Eric White. What Eric did is he wanted to revive thisindustry knowing how powerful this product really was. He searched around and found this particularpart of northern New South Wales called Bangerwell

Cure Candida Yeast Infection in 3 Easy Steps VitaLife Show Episode 102

Welcome to the Vitalife Show! I'm Janine Bowring today topic is how to curecandida yeast infection in three easy steps. First andforemost you have to stop eating sugar. Sugaractually feeds the yeast and this is one of the prime causative factors why womenexperience chronic candida and yeast issues. First and foremost whether its of course the worst sugar is the processwhite sugar which may be

you knowing candies and chocolates and baked goods on all things that we love but this really does feed the yeast. Also natural sugars as well you really have to watch things like fruit juices which arehigher natural sugars but still feed the yeast if you're eating you know regular fruitand whole one this is much better because at the fibre helps to balance the sugar and it's not a concentratedsugar in the actual fruit itself. Watchthe fruit even with my patients who have

chronic yeast infections I say notmore than one or two pieces of fruit per day and especially no juice that first and foremost Number two is a easy step just take a bath in which you per one cup vinegar and about 10 drops of tea tree oil whichis a natural essential oil which helps to kill theyeast kill the candida and also the vinegar does that as welland helps to

acidify the vaginal tract. This issomething that you can do especially at the first stages when you start tonotice the discomfort of a yeast infection do that take that bath and do itconsistently for 23 days you need to do to help to change theenvironment of vagina Third on the list is taking a high quality probiotics that'sdesigned for the human digestive tract and human vaginal track, so the best probiotics Vitatree probiotics weredesign for the human digestive tract

and contain the right strains ofLactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium. Bifidoban in the right amounts it's always guaranteed to be live whichis really important because all the probiotics that you may have been exposed to whether it'sin the health food store or in the pharmacies are often a dead bacteria they're nolonger live whether they're in the fridge

or not and you want to make sure you'regetting a live microorganisms your friendly flora that are naturally in the vaginal tract and the digestive tract and by taking them consistently you areproactively able to stay off those chronic yeast infections which often do you come backfor most women also stay away from antibiotics becauseevery time you take an antibiotic it wipes out all of your good flora. You always need the good flora, the probiotics stay healthy and to fight the yeastinfection so

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