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Is It Candida DieOff Or Is It An Aggravation

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker,author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the Canxida range of supplements. Thanks for checkingout my tutorial. Today, we're going to talk about die off.Are you experiencing die off or what we call Herxheimer Reaction or are you experiencingaggravation? Let's just explain a little bit. I'm going to read some out of my book andthen I'm going to give you a little bit of an explanation alongside. Many people getconfused. When they feel worse as they start a Candida treatment or they push harder, theyimmediately say, quot;I'm getting die off. I'm getting die off. That's what I read online.That's what it is. Can't be anything else.quot;

Let me explain.There are many types of aggravations a person may experience who comes to seek help of ahealth care professional. Some people come in with one or several pharmaceutical druginduced side effects. Particularly after an antibiotic. Others experience reactions whenthey stop taking drugs or changing brands of drugs or supplements. Some people experiencestrong reactions when they take a supplement or cut the dosage back or switch to anothersupplement or combine two dietary supplements together.Many people can potentially develop an aggravation at the beginning of natural medicine treatmentand this can be quite discouraging for some

people. Those who are used to conventionalwestern medical treatment find the concept of feeling worse before you feel better, abit disturbing, and some find it even completely wacky and having the quot;luluquot; factor like beingreally stupid. Particularly those who strongly adhere to the tenets of modern medicine.Modern medicine believes that a diagnosis must first be made before treatment and thenthe treatment is usually in the form of a drug that supposedly cures the complaint byeradicating the symptoms. What a load of crap! You can't cure a fricking complaint by gettingrid of a symptom any more than you can cure serious bankruptcy by giving a credit cardto someone. You'd have to be nuts in the head

to think about that. Getting rid of a symptomdoes not equate to curing a disease. Have a look at the World Health Organization'sdefinition of what real health means. It doesn't mean an absence of symptoms. It means feelingtotally flaming awesome, spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, structurally, on many differentlevels having amazing health. That to me is really good health. Not just quot;Oh, my headache'sgone. I must be in really good health.quot; That's not good health at all. Western medicine'sidea of what good health means is a little bit different from what people like me believethe concept of good health really means. Aggravations can come about for many differentreasons and here are six examples of common

reactions I see with patients.Number one � drug side effects that we call iatrogenic disease.Number two � coming off any medications or detoxing from pharmaceutical drugs. Italso means coming off any dietary supplements or increasing dosages or swapping brands asI mentioned. Number three � a change in diet after commencingtreatment. Very common. If you make dietary changes, it's not die off at all. Many peoplehave this. They contact me. quot;I'm getting terrible die off. What's wrong with me? Oh, by theway, I've stopped drinking all alcohol. I don't drink caffeine anymore. I've got antigluten,anti this, anti this, anti that and I feel

like crap. What's wrong with me? Must be dieoff.quot; No. It's not die off. It's because you made way too many changes way too quick. It'snot a good thing to do. If you first start an exercise program and you go to a gym, wouldyou spend four hours in the gym doing 300 different exercises and then two days later,quot;Oh, my god. I'm so sore. Why am I so sore? It shouldn't be like this. I only spent fourhours in the gym the other day. I should have no pain in my body.quot;Well, if you think about it, it's pretty logical isn't it? If you're going to make any kindof change, particularly when you get to your 40s or 50s or 60s, you need to do it a littlebit more slowly than if you're a teenager.

Best Supplement To Help Candida Die Off

I'm going to answer another question today.Eric, what is the best dietary supplement to help Candida die off? Well, there is no best supplement. Candidadie off does not need to occur with most people. It's inevitable with a small amount of peoplethat I see that they do get this Herxheimer reaction, but it does not have to happen tothe majority of people because it's all about preparation. Preparation, preparation, preparation. Let's just quickly go through this first.There are three types of Candida patients that I generally see. You can read all aboutthis in Candida Crusher. We've got the normal

people like you or me, which make up the bulkof the Candida patients. We've got the sensitive patients, which make up probably about 15percent, and then we've got the supersensitive patients. The supersensitive are people that react toeverything. They take one Vitamin C tablet or a Vitamin B tablet, they could be havingdiarrhea for two days or massive headaches. Everything they take creates a reaction. Theyget sick from this and sick from that. You may even know somebody like this. Now what do you think are the chances of thatperson having a severe die off compared to

just the average person like you or me? Prettyhigh. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to work out that a very small percentage ofpeople are what I call the supersensitive, are the ones that are going to have the mostextreme die off reactions. The sensitive patients may have die off, butnot severe. I've seen die off to the point where the patient had to get admitted to theemergency room. She thought she was actually dying. Actually, I've seen a few of them,but mind you, I've seen many thousands of Candida patients. I have seen quite a few hundred patients whogo through a time which might involve a bit

of a headache, maybe a bit of diarrhea, malaise,muscle pain, not feeling good. A similar sort of feeling that a lot of people have whenthey're hung over or drunk, which I'm sure you've never experienced before. You've neverexperienced what it's like to have three glasses of wine or a couple of beers. I'm sure youhave. Everyone has experienced it. Experience of sort of feeling hung over and sometimesseverely hung over is what Herxheimer can be or what we call die off. And die off canlast anywhere from a half a day up to four or five days, even a week for some people,but usually it passes quite rapidly. This reaction can occur for many differentreasons. People tend to think that die off

is from Candida rapidly dying off in the body,but it's not. And I'll talk about that in many other tutorials. That Herxheimer reaction,in fact, there can be multiple different scenarios that cause a reaction similar to die off,but it's, in fact, not die off at all. We talked about a supplement. What supplementcan help Herxheimer reaction? Well, it's not so much what can help to stop it; you've gotto prevent the darn thing from happening in the first place. But if you are going to havea Herxheimer reaction, you could try charcoal tablets. You could try also Vitamin C. I'vefound Vitamin C to work quite well for some people. Just take some good Vitamin C powderin water. That can help.

Many patients benefit from hot and cold showersand prolonged sort of rests, but there are no real supplements I'd recommend to counterthese sorts of toxic reactions you have because you're not going to really fix it up reallyquick. It's like when you've got a bad migraine; you can't turn it around once you've got one.It's not about what you can take to stop it, it's what you can do to prevent.

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