Candida Die Off Urine Color

Is Cloudy Urine A Sign Of Candida

Interesting tutorial coming up right now. It'sregarding cloudy urine. I've got a question from a lady in San Francisco called Michio.Must be Japanese names. A Michio from San Francisco is asking me, Eric, I've got cloudyurine. Do I have a yeast infection? Not necessarily. First thing I would get youto do is go to a and get the urine culture to see if it's bacterial or fungalor what the heck's going on. Cloudy urine is not necessarily something really bad. Manypeople have discolored urine or cloudy urine from time to time. It can often signify aurinary tract infection, particularly if you're a young female. Some women can get recurringUTIs, urinary tract infections, or bladder

infections. It's not that uncommon. My daughtershad these on and off, here and there. Many of my patients have had them. There can bevarious reasons for it. With young people, it can mean frequent intercourse or alcoholconsumption. There can be various causes for it.Cloudy urine with pain, however, is a different thing because that can be a more serious sign.Particularly, if you've got pain in the lower back, which can signify kidney pain. If there'sany blood in the urine, you need to get that checked out promptly, of course, any pinkycolor to the urine. But saying that, if you eat beetroot, you could have light red urine.I eat quite a lot of beetroot and sometimes

the stool or the urine can be discolored redfor that reason. So don't automatically panic with cloudy urine. And even don't automaticallypanic if it's tinged red. Think about what you're eating. Think about your sexual history.Think about a lot of different things. Your stress levels. Lots of different things youneed to think about. If you get a consistent pattern of cloudy urine with blood or pain,you need urgent attention, no doubt. But get the urine cultured to see if you've got somekind of an infection like an ecoli infection. A couple of good tips with cloudy urine. Ifyou do have an infection, forget commercial cranberry juice because it's often loadedwith sugar. Go to the health food shop and

buy actual cranberries, get about a tablespoonof these and simmer them up in some hot water for 20 minutes, cover it with a lid, and thendrink two glasses per day. Cranberry like that is very alkaline. It's very good to stopbacterial infections, particularly. DMannose, Mannose is a powder that you canbuy in a health food shop. It's called Mannose. It's fantastic for urinary tract infectionsbecause again it stops ecoli, Escherichia coli or the bacteria from adhering to theurethra, so you'll actually pea out the bacteria rather than affecting the bladder or the urethralwall. So it's a good way to get rid of a bacterial infection.Yeast infection of the bladder is a little

bit different. You need to treat it more holistically,systemically, digestion. But the big thing with these infections is you've got to cutthe sugar. You really need to cut sugar. And also with a bacterial infection, you needto make those diet changes or you're wasting your time. Treating infection is one thing;preventing infection is the smart thing. If you're going to be dumb, you'll keep goingback for recurring treatment like a lot of people do. If you're intelligent, you'll treatthe infection, eradicate it, and prevent recurrence of infection. That to me is intelligence.So that's a key thing for you to do. Some key foods for you to eat for strengtheningthe urinary tract up are lots of high quality

vegetables, lean proteins, lots and lots ofwater, but the big thing is not to drink alcohol. Caffeine sparingly, but no alcohol with anykind of urinary problem. It's quite bad. And also, lots of heavy proteins like red meats.Fish and chicken are better meats to eat, I feel, for kidney function rather than thingslike red meats. Temporarily cut back on heavy protein, increase water intake, and look atthings like these cranberries. You can also get different kidney formulations,herbal ones that help to really tonify these areas. Don't automatically assume you've gota Candida infection with cloudy urine. Get it cultured first. And in many cases, it'llbe an ecoli infection. Recurring antibiotics

Mulch Problems

You better think twice before laying downyour mulch. In this tutorial, you will learn a few important facts, what watch out forto minimize damage to your property, and what you need to know so you don't poison youryard, pet, and yourself. Before you buy or place mulch, you need tofirst determine what type of mulch you need. Do you need it to conserve moisture, to improvethe fertility and health of the soil, to reduce weed growth or to enhance for curb appeal?There are also many types of mulch you buy. According to advertisements, pine or hardwoodmulch last longer, shredded hardwood bark mulch has a lot of nutrients; pine needlemulch looks good, but does not last long.

Sawdust mulch lasts long, but uses up theneeded nitrogen. Wood chip mulch can be free from a tree cutting service but take foreverto decompose, and has zero nutrition. Organic mulch cost more. Colored mulch looks good,Hay mulch contains weed seeds. Compost mulch may have some sewer sludge, permits a nutrientimbalance and contains high soluble salts. Newspaper mulch is flammable and containscarcinogens. Leaf mulch blows away. Bark mulch attracts wasps, ants, and termites. Rubbermulch does not deteriorate. Finally, cypress mulch lasts longer, holds more water, andis a natural insecticide. Now that you have been completely misinformed by commercialism,let's get down to what I call “The Mulch

Scams�.“The Cypress Mulch Scam�. Cypress mulch contains natural chemicals that fend off insectsand resist rot. The Cypress mulch did that many years ago when they used fullgrown,fully developed, 100 year old Cypress trees. Due to unsustainable, overharvesting of cypresstrees, most cypress mulch now comes from immature baby trees that have not yet developed theproperties that made Cypress mulch so popular decades ago. You are not buying what you aretold you are buying. Furthermore, deforestation of Cypress has severely damage the coastline.Cyprus groves were cut down which once protected the coastline from hurricanes. If you thinkhurricane Katrina was bad, just wait.

“The Landscaper's Generic Mulch Scam�.If you live in the city, many garden entities or landscapers have city contracts to pickup free refuse on garbage day. This is garbage contains pesticides, weed killers, chemicals,dog or cat feces, animal urine, newspapers with ink, cardboard with glue, phosphates,and other nasty stuff that gets recycled back into mulch. You are buying a witches brewwhich can poison your front yard, the paw licking cat, the dog that uses his mouth topick up toys and finally you the gardener if you don't use proper hygiene or protection.Furthermore, you may have just been delivered the biggest mulch disease caused by Sphaerobolusfungi also known as artillery fungi shot gun

fungi, or cannon fungi. As this mulch agessmall 10 mm mold pods may start to develop. Then all of sudden at 10,000 horse power,these pods eject black globular sticky tar projectiles which stick to your home whichdo not wash off. I have seen several cases where people spend $20,000 replacing all thehome's siding. “The Secret Formula Mulch Scams.You can get these after large storms, forest fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes because alot of cleanup debris gets chopped up and recycled. You can get it from the inner citieslike Detroit or Cleveland where thousands of home is bulldozed and this contaminatedwood is also chopped up and recycled. You

can get is from the mysterious Mobil mulchmanufacture. For example and hypothetically, let's say we had a 100 year old amusementpark that was bought out by a bigger amusement park. Let's say after this big conglomeratebought this 100 year old amusement park, which was full of old telephone poles and old railroadties containing creosote, coal tar, arsenic and other chemicals, closed this old parkand sold all the amusement rides to other small traveling carnivals. Continuing, hypotheticallyof course, you notice new temporary mulch manufactured faculty with huge piles of mulchbeing stored on the now empty parking lot. Then your drone spots black liquid sludgeleaking out of the bottoms of these monster

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