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Is Cranberry Juice Good For Candida Diet

Greetings. It's New Zealand naturopath, EricBakker. I'm the author of Candida Crusher. You can find that at CandidaCrusher , andI'm also the formulator of the very popular range of supplements called Canxida. You canfind those at Canxida . Today, we're going to talk about cranberryjuice. Is cranberry juice good for Candida? I've got an email her from a lady called Sheilain Sacramento. I think that's in America. Sheila wants to know if cranberry or cranberryjuice, in particular, is good for Candida. Sheila, it is. It's very good.I wouldn't rely on it solely as an antifungal, but its particular use is really for preventingUTIs, urinary tract infections, because it

contains quite an interesting ingredient thatprevents bacteria from adhering to the mucous membranes in the urethra. We've got a powderwe use for UTIs called DMannose. Mannose works like that, too.How this substance in cranberry and mannose powder works is a bit like how Velcro works.You've got the funny side with all the hooks and all sort of rough, and the other sideis smooth and when they cling together, they rip apart. So the substance in cranberry juiceworks like Velcro with bacteria. Bacteria are attracted to it, they hook on to it, andthen they can't get released. And then, of course, you urinate out the Velcro. You'reliterally urinating the Velcro out, those

two pieces again, passed out in the urine.So it prevents E.coli from adhering to the urethra. But also, it changes the pH or thepotential hydrogen of the environment. It is acidic.It's got this sort of acid sort of flavor about it, which isn't bad for you. It notonly prevents bacteria, but Candida doesn't like it either. So by drinking it regularlyand you can even use it on the skin for yeast infections, and I've got some psoriasis patientswho swear by using cranberry juice as well because most psoriasis patients are loadedwith yeast infections, up to three quarters of them. And I know from experience that bygetting them to apply the cranberry juice

to the skin, it certainly has a great effecton it. Yes, Sheila. The cranberry juice is very effectivefor Candida. The problem that arises here, most commercial brands contain sugar. Becauseof course, it's very tart and acidic, so they put lots of sugar in it to make it taste nice.If it tastes sweet and look at the packaging, if it's got sugar in it, don't touch it. Youcan actually buy the cranberries whole from your health food shop and you can make upyour own cranberry drink. That's a clever approach, but it's quite tart. You don't wantit full of sugar because that's going to encourage Candida.So get cranberries whole or buy 100 percent

unsweetened cranberry juice and drink oneglass per day, especially if you suffer from urinary tract infections. And many women withvaginal yeast infections suffer from urinary tract infections. Drinking one glass of theconcentrated cranberry juice per day with no sugar in it is a very smart move for notonly UTIs, but also for Candida prevention. Thanks for your question, Sheila. And also,Sheila, don't forget to subscribe to my channel. Thank you.

Avocado Candida Diet Is Avocado Good For Candida

Hi there. Eric Bakker, naturopath from NewZealand, author of Candida Crusher. A question I get asked from time to time through emailis quot;Are avocados good for you to eat when you have a Candida yeast infection?quot; Theyare. Avocados are, in fact, probably one of my top favorite foods. I've two avocado treesgrowing, I just love avocados, and I'll explain to you why I love them.Because they're such a healthy food. They're rated by the Guinness book of records as theworld's healthiest food, so they rank right at the top. They're probably in the top twoor three, if not the top food, for health. They contain a lot of fat in them. Up to 30percent of the weight of an avocado is fat,

but it's a good fat called oleic acid. It'sa very healthy fat. This kind of fat is not a bad fat. It's a monounsaturated fat. It'snot a saturated fat. It's not going to make you sick and fat like a bowl of fries willor a burger or something like that. But the thing is it's also nature's big greenvitamin pill. It contains tons of nutrients. It's got folate in it. It's got zinc in it,manganese, biotin, B vitamins; the list goes on and on. It's almost like a big green multivitamin.And they're so creamy and tasty, the texture. I can't understand how people can not likeavocados. There's nothing not to like about the avocado when you think about it.It's also a very good food to help curb appetite.

There is a misconception still with many peoplethat avocados make you fat. In fact, they don't make you fat. They make you skinny.They actually block appetite. So the manganese and the zinc in them stop the fat from beingstored in the body. It's important. And the biotin and folate, in fact, allow the conversionof fat to energy, so they make you energetic and prevent the storage of bad fat. They alsocontain a lot of fiber, and they're great for beneficial bacteria. All the good reasonswhy you should have them when you've got a yeast infection. They're a fruit. Not a vegetable.So they're one of the few fruits that you can enjoy through all stages of the CandidaCrusher diet.

The avocado is a fantastic food. There aredifferent types. The Hass variety has got the bubbly black skin when it's ripe. TheFuerte has got a green skin when ripe, and that's my favorite. It's a very creamy one.If you haven't got an avocado tree and you live in a subtropical area, especially ifthere's no frost, plant an avocado tree, get a grafted one. They're really good. They getto be huge in size, but you're going to really enjoy avocados when you grow them becauseyou can eat tons of them. Make up your own guacamole. You can even bake them and stuffthem with coconut. You can do all sorts of things with them. You can even make avocadoice cream.

Are they okay to eat on the Candida diet?They're sublime to eat on the Candida diet. And if you don't mind avocado, the taste,and the texture, I recommend you eat at least one avocado per day. And you watch what happensafter three months. Your bowels improve. Your sleep improves. Your energy improves. Everythingwill improve just with the addition of that avocado. Start small again, maybe a quarteror a half of an avocado and build up. Nothing wrong with avocados. I fully endorse them.I hope that answers some questions about the applicability of avocados in with the Candidadiet. The fruits you can eat, avocado, of course, blueberries, green apple. You cantry kiwi fruit, so a small kiwi fruit every

day should be fine to eat as well. And pomegranateis another fruit that I endorse on the Candida Crusher diet. Try those out for size.Don't forget to subscribe to my channel. Check out my other tutorials on foods. I've done manydifferent FAQ YouTube tutorials now for the Candida Crusher channel. And have a look at some ofmy articles at yeastinfection . Last but not least, don't forget to do my Candida quizat yeastinfection . Thanks so much for tuning in.

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