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Can I Drink Coffee On The Candida Diet

Greetings. Eric Bakker back to you again.Naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for tuning in. I hope you're watching some of my tutorialsand getting some good information out of them. I'm going to talk about coffee today. A nicecup of coffee. I'm just reading a Candida website, quitea wellknown one, here on my other computer. Do not drink coffee. Caffeine can cause yourblood sugar to rise, weakens your adrenals, and can impair your immune system. Coffeecontains molds. Even decaf coffee should be avoided because they contain residual levelsof caffeine. Well, I'll drink to that. What a load of crap! There's nothing wrong withdrinking coffee if you use your head.

I have got no problem with most people drinkingone or two cups of coffee a day. But I'll tell you the best time to drink coffee andthat's in the morning. Why would that be? Why not drink it in the afternoon? Why notdrink it before bed? Why not drink pots of coffee all day? Well, coffee does containcaffeine. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a boost in the morning when yourcortisol levels are naturally high. Early coffee consumption is actually beneficialfor the body. It's quite good to drink coffee. Not lots and lots of cups of coffee.People who tell you to strictly avoid this and strictly avoid that. To me, they're likereligious fanatics. Don't listen to this crap.

Coffee contains mold. For Christ sake, everythingcontains mold. Probably sniffing my mobile phone contains mold. Don't get fanatical aboutthings like this. Drinking coffee or tea using a sensible approach is perfectly fine becauseit makes you feel good and it gives you a lift. However, drinking coffee throughoutthe day because you've got weak adrenals is a sign often of adrenal fatigue.I've been looking at adrenal fatigue now probably for about 10 years; I've studied it quitewell. I find that even people with severe burnout and fatigue can recover perfectlyokay if they keep their coffee consumption right down to a minimum and enjoy that onenice cup of coffee in the morning. I personally

believe the best time to drink coffee is before11 o'clock in the morning. That's a really good time to drink it. One cup maybe two,but you don't really want to go much beyond that.Drink lemon grass tea or herb teas or green teas, things like that, if you're going todrink beverages continually. But this nonsense about quot;thou shalt not do this, thou shaltnot do that,quot; just be careful that you don't fall into this religious fanatical trap whereyou limit all caffeine in your life because you think it'll make you better. I don't thinkit makes much difference at all. In fact, the more you limit these things and the lessyou enjoy what you're eating and drinking,

the more prone you are to having outbreaksof wanting lots of chocolate and lots of sweet foods and lots of alcohol. This creates abinging situation for you. Allowing you small amounts of coffee continuallyover a long period of time is generally okay. Don't put sugar in your coffee. I just tendto drink black coffee, so you need to be very cautious about you actually add into the coffee.But don't fall for the hype where you need to have strict pattern of avoidance becauseit's not going to make a lot of difference. on the link below for your free reportif you haven't already got it. Thanks for tuning in.

Is Green Tea Effective Against Candida

Thanks for checking out this tutorial today.Just doing a quick tutorial on green tea and Candida. I've got a question here from a ladyin London called Sara. Sara has emailed me saying, Eric, is green tea effective withyeast infections? Green tea is a really good drink to have ifyou've got Candida for multiple reasons. One reason why I like green tea is because ofits good antioxidant effects. Antioxidants are very important properties that many differenthigh quality natural foods and medicines can confer on your body like quenching what wecall quot;free radical damage.quot; Spend maybe a bit of time on Google. I'm not going to tellyou what antioxidants are and what free radical

quenching is and things like that.Foods which have got very powerful antioxidant properties about them are like blueberries,green tea, avocados. There are different foods like that which have got a very good abilityto quench potential damage in the body that could lead to things like cancer.Green tea has got very powerful antioxidants called epigallocatechins, ECGs. These particularantioxidants have got a very good ability to actually bust up biofilming Candida. Thereare various research papers I've been reading that these epigallocatechins have a nice abilityto actually bust up the existing biofilm of Candida and prevent biofilm really from happening.There is some potential there for beneficial

use of one to two cups of a good quality greentea per day when you've got a yeast infection. The best green tea to drink is the MatchaTea. Joseph Mercola speaks about Matcha Tea as well. Matcha Tea is a high qualityJapanese green tea. It's almost like a bright emerald green color when you look at it, soI love green tea. Particularly when I go out eating good quality Japanese food at a restaurant,I'll ask for a quality green tea. Green tea is a bit like wine. You've got thebudget stuff. You've got the intermediate range like $10 a bottle or something, andthen you've got the top end. You've got the expensive wines and expensive green teas.Be prepared to pay a lot of money for a high

quality green tea, particularly a Matcha Tea.When you drink one good cup of Matcha Tea per day, you're really helping your body tobuild a powerful immune defense. You're helping to reduce the potential for cancer. Plus you'reactually helping to bust up any Candida biofilm. One or two cups of good green tea per day.I love green tea and I often drink it in the afternoons when I have my patients cominginto my practice. I'll have one good cup of green tea in the afternoon. I love MatchaTea. It's expensive, but it's definitely worth it. So if you want to have a really powerfuleffect on immune function, think about drinking one good cup of green tea per day.Thanks for tuning in.

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