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Gluten Free Chickpea Bread Food For All S02E68

Welcome back to my Food For All Series. Myname is Pippa Kendrick, author of The Intolerant Gourmet, and in this episode I'm going toshow you how to make glutenfree and vegan, and yeastfree Chickpea Bread. Music So I'm going to show you how to make thisglutenfree, yeastfree, and dairyfree Chickpea Bread, which is so simple and really delicious,and really handy to have around the house as well. It makes brilliant toast. So we begin with glutenfree plain flour.Again, I'm using Dove's Farm, which is a mix

of cassava, potato, rice and buckwheat flour,and it's all been blended for you, so it takes out the faff. Next we have ground flour, which is groundup chickpeas, hence the name of the bread. There's a little bit more of that to giveit a balance and it gives it a really nice nutty flavor. Next we have ground flaxseed and we put thatin. It's about a tablespoon and it helps it to bind. And then we have baking powder and a littlebit of bicarb of soda, and then on top of

that we add a generous pinch of sea salt,just to give it a little seasoning. So we mix these together. For a full list of the ingredients, just checkthe description box. We just mix it really briefly so that everythingis combined. Then into this we add 435 mL about of water. It can be cold or room temperature,that's fine. And then on top of that we're going to addone teaspoon of cider vinegar, and this is what helps to leaven the bread a little bit,so it's really important. If you don't have vinegar, then I recommend you use a tablespoonof lemon juice, instead.

So we're just going to stir it together. gentlyat first, otherwise you're going to have a big old mess on your hands, and keep stirringuntil it pulls together into quite a wet dough. You won't be able to knead this at all, butyou can stir it together. As you see, it's a very sticky dough, so youwouldn't want to get your hands in there, but it's very easy to spoon into the tin. Then we spoon our bread dough, loose as itis, into a generously greased twopound loaf tin. So just spoon it in, let it fill thetin itself. You don't need to leave it to rest at all, because this is an unleavenedbread, also known as a quot;quick breadquot;, which

is any bread that does not contain yeast. And then simply smooth the top lightly, andthen it's into the oven at 200 degrees C. for around 35 minutes. So our Chickpea Bread is out of the oven andwe've left it to cool down a little. For lots more recipes like this, please justclick the quot;Subscribequot; button. The longer you leave it to cool, really, thebetter, so that it can firm up a little more. This makes perfect fresh bread from the oven,and really good toast for the next few days, as well, so I recommend you make it.

So we just cut in. You can serve it sweetor savory, as you would with any other bread, really. You can use dairyfree margarine andjam, or whatever your favorite toppings. It's great with soup and salads, and it does makelovely, albeit small sandwiches. So that's it for me. I hope to see you againfor another episode of my Food For All series.

How To Make GuacamoleTransform Your KitchenEpisode 12

Hi, I'm Josh Axe and welcome to my kitchen.This week I'm going to be making guacamole which is one of my favorite recipes. It'sa great snack. It's great to watch during the game, and it's great to replace some ofthe traditional dips you may use, like cheese sauces and ranch dressing, a lot of thoseunhealthy dips for something like guacamole. Guacamole has a lot of health benefits. The main ingredient in guacamole we're goingto start off with is an avocado. What you're going to do here is you're going to startoff with an avocado, and what I do is I like to go in the grocery store and just kind offeel around on it and make sure it's not too

soft but somewhat soft and that you can kindof press in a little bit on it. That's a great way to test for a good avocado. What we'regoing to do here is start by cutting the avocado in half like so, and you're just going tokind go around like this with it, and once you get there, what you're going to do isjust take your hands and break it apart like so. And then what you can do, you can eitherpull the seed out with your hands, or a lot of times you can just go there with a knifeand kind of help bring it out. Oh, I kind of broke it there. All right, and then simplyscoop out the seed in the middle. What we're going to do now, once you havethe avocado like this, we are going to take

a spoon and simply spoon out the middle ofthe avocado. Let me tell you why these are so good for you. Specifically, they have goodfats. They have what are called monounsaturated fat. Omega9 fat is the same sort of fat you'regoing to find in things like olive oil. And so we're going to simply come around here,and you're going to just begin to scoop out the inside of this avocado. If you look at a lot of the other traditionaldressings you make or a lot of the dips you may use or dressings, most of them are fullof unhealthy fats, things like soybean oil, canola oil, even things like cottonseed oilor corn oil. Those oils are very unhealthy,

where avocado has good, healthy fats. Good,healthy fats are important for hormone balance. They're important for actually healthy complexion,healthy joints. So this is one of those recipes that is actually going to help you live longer,age slower, and just in general get healthier. We're almost done here. We're going to justkind of scoop out the rest of this avocado. The next ingredient we're going to use isa tomato. Now, you can either use a tomato or salsa. Tomatoes are great because they'refull of lycopene, and lycopene is a phytonutrientantioxidant that's going to help your body, actually protectyour body against sun damage. It's going to help you age slow, and it's actually greatfor men. It's great for prostate health.

We're going to start here and simply you'rejust going to cut the tomato like so. Then what I do is take the tomato here and justcut it in some smaller slices just like this. All right, finishing up putting the tomatoesin here, and depending on how chunky you like the guacamole really depends on how thinlyyou're going to slice the tomato. And so for myself, I like things really chunky so I leavethe tomatoes in pretty big chunks there. The next thing we're going to be adding inis garlic. We're going to take garlic here and simply slice this up into just small littlepieces here and add that in. Garlic is great for so many reasons, but specifically, garlic has allicin in it which is a naturalantiviral, antibacterial that's going to kill

of fungus, kill off candida in your body,and also it has sulfur which helps clean out your arteries. It's going to help deplaqueyour arteries. So it's great for anyone who has heart disease and also great for antiaging. The next thing here we're going to do is takea lime. Limes are full of vitamin C. And so we're going to take this, simply cut it inhalf and basically just take the juice here, and just squeeze it, just squeeze some ofthat lime here over the guacamole. All right, and then we're going to add some sea salt.I specifically use Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt because this also has trace minerals.So you want to replace the salt in your house,

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