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Candida Diet Why Eating Raw Kale Is Not A Good Idea

Greetings. It's New Zealand naturopath, EricBakker. Thanks for checking out my tutorial. I'm the author of a book called Candida Crusherand the formulator of a range of supplements called Canxida. Thanks for checking out thetutorial. A question I get asked all the time from patientsand I've just noticed on YouTube, I've had quite a few people coming in there askingme the same question. quot;Eric, why don't you recommend raw kale? What's the problem withkale? Why can't I have kale in my smoothies? What's the issue with it?quot;Think about kale and think about the cruciferous family in general, broccoli, Brussel sprouts,cauliflower, Chinese vegetables, kale, and

I think there's kohlrabi. There are very manyother kinds of vegetables that belong to the cruciferous family. I grow a lot of broccoli.I love eating fresh broccoli. We grow large cauliflowers. We grow Brussel sprouts. Wegrow lots of kale. In our garden, we grow the Russian red curly kale and we grow thegreen kale. Coming from Holland, Dutch like me eat a lot of kale. When I grew up, my momwould often have mashed potatoes and then meat with gravy and a lot of kale with it.This is a typical winter dish in Holland that we eat.Raw kale is not good and I'll tell you why. The cruciferous family of vegetables containmany different beneficial to your health compounds.

We know, for example, kale is very high inprotein. But it also contains a compound called isothiocyanate. That's a bit of a tongue twisterisn't it. Isothiocyanate. These are called thiols and these are actually very beneficialantioxidant compounds. They have very powerful health building properties to the body. Butthe isothiocyanates, unfortunately, also attack an enzyme in your body called TPO or thyroperoxydase.The TPO enzyme is very important because it allows iodine molecules to attach to tyrosine.We've got two main thyroid hormones. We've got T3 and T4. T3 is called triiodothyronine,so it's actually three iodine molecules attached to the amino acid tyrosine. T4 is called thyroxine,so that's four molecules of iodine bound to

a thyroxine backbone.The body splits off one iodine molecule to turn T4 into T3, the active thyroid hormone.There are other thyroid hormones as well. We've got T2. We've got reverse T3, and we'vegot many other kinds of thyroid hormones. But the basic ones that our body will utilizeare T3 and T4. T3 is the active form of the thyroid hormone. It's the one that all thecells of body use to activate. T3 they reckon is about 80 percent activeand about 20 percent not so active. T4 on the other hand is about 20 percent activeand 80 percent not so active. It needs to be converted. The body's quite clever. Itcan utilize T3 and T4, but T3 is what it really

wants to power up all the cells of the body.All of your cells of your body apart from your cells in the nail and hair contain receptorsites for the T hormones. This is why when a person has a thyroid condition, just aboutany part of the body can play up, the heart, the eyes, the skin can play up, all the organs,your joints, the muscles, the nerves, they can all play up because they all have receptorsites for the T hormones. Raw kale, in particular, has a very powerfuleffect on the thyroperoxydase enzyme, particularly when it's raw. When you heat kale up, youdestroy the ability of the isothiocyanate to react to TPO. Cooking kale, no problem.Steaming kale, no problem. Eating it raw,

problem. Go to Google and type in quot;raw kaleand thyroidquot; and you'll find over a million pages that will come up. There are lot ofreally good science pages you can read on the ability of the cruciferous family to affectthyroid function. This is why we call them goitrogens. They can promote the thyroid todevelop a goiter or become enlarged, so goitrogen. Now you know what the word quot;goitrogenquot; means.Goiter means enlarged thyroid. The thyroid can become enlarged if it doesn't get enoughiodine. It doesn't get enough iodine if the thyroperoxydase enzyme is going to be affectedby isothiocyanate. Now, you understand why kale, especially raw, is not really good.Any raw cruciferous vegetables are not the

Candida DieOff Symptoms Fact From Fiction What Is Candida Yeast DieOff

Greetings there. It's New Zealand naturopath,Eric Bakker. I'm author of Candida Crusher and I'm also the formulator of the Canxidarange of dietary supplements. Thanks for checking out my tutorial. I'm going to do another tutorialtoday for one of my subscribers. This is a lady called Donna Collins. Donna is from Canada.Donna's husband had a very successful result with the Candida Crusher program. Donna isasking me to do a tutorial on dieoff, so she's saying quot;Eric, can you do a tutorial all aboutdieoff? Dieoff 101. What are the signs and symptoms? Can you clear up the confusion forthe subscribers about dieoff and what it really is and separate fact from fiction?quot;Let's talk a bit about dieoff, Donna, and

explain to you a bit about what it is, soit's going to be a benefit to the subscribers out there.I've just had a look at different blog sites on dieoff on many different sites. Thereis a huge amount of confusion with dieoff. Just like there is a lot of confusion whenit comes to food allergies and food intolerances, which are completely different things. Lotsof people get confused when it comes to understanding the terminology dieoff and they're very quickto jump onboard. I get lots of emails and have many patients telling me, quot;Oh, I hadterrible dieoff. I had a bit of pizza and I had dieoff. I took supplement xyz. I hadimmediate dieoff. I changed my diet. I started

to eat more eggs. I got dieoff. I took aprobiotic. I had dieoff. I went to the museum. I had dieoff. I changed my job. I had dieoff.quot;I'm hearing this dieoff crap all the time. People are telling me all the time they'regetting dieoff. I think people are getting confused. They don't really understand whatdieoff is and how it really occurs and how it's not that common to get classic dieoff.So let's just explain a bit about dieoff. I made a few notes here. Went to Wikipedia.Did a bit of research actually on the guy who really brought this whole concept to lightback in the 1870s. A guy called Carl Herxheimer. Carl Herxheimer and Adolph Jarisch were twofriends. They knew each other quite well.

Both of these guys were dermatologists orskin specialists. Unfortunately, Carl passed away in a concentration camp. He got placedin a concentration camp when he was 81 years old because he was Jewish, which is reallyunfortunate and passed away at 81 years of age. These guys basically treated a lot ofskin problems. They're quite well known for treating syphilis,which is a venereal disease that was very common in those days, more so than today.Syphilis is quite well known to have a lot different kind of skin problems, so theseguys would commonly use mercury. Would you believe mercury? Mercury was a medicine backin those days. They would give mercury to

people with particularly secondary syphilisand it had a marvelous effect on the skin, but almost immediately the patient would sufferfrom terrible side effects. The underlying bug or spirochete that people with syphilishave was killed quite quickly with mercury, and it created horrific side effects withthese people. So they would get fever, chills. I've got a list down here of different problemsthat they would experience. Fever, chills, muscular aches, skin rashes, flushing, tachycardia,so fast heartbeat, headaches. They would get very sick, extremely sick. This is what atypical Herxheimer reaction is, is getting hot and cold, fever, profuse sweating, fastheart rate.

Some sites say that brain fog is a part ofdieoff. I believe it is, but it's very rare to get brain fog from dieoff. Brain fog canoccur with dieoff, but it's a much more delayed reaction as a result. I'll explain what Imean in a minute by that. If you do get a classical typical dieoff, it's going toooften occur very quickly after you take a very powerful antifungal and I'm talking likereally quick. It could happen within hours. Certainly within 24 hours of taking that product.It will happen very, very strongly. You'll get a strong reaction. And you'll have thosereactions that I just mentioned. Things like fevers, chills, muscle aches. If your noseis itchy, that's not dieoff. If you fart

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