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Is Soy Milk OK On The Candida Diet

Greetings. Eric Bakker, naturopath from NewZealand. Thanks for tuning in. Is soy milk okay on the Candida diet? I think it's perfectlyokay providing you get a nongenetically modified soy product. Soy tends to men and women asthey get a little bit older. I was just going to read something out of my Candida Crusherbook here. People with the longest lifespan on earthcurrently live in Okinawa, Japan and they consume on average of 60 to 120 grams of soyprotein every day. Okinawans have up to 80 percent less cancer and heart disease thanwesterners. Chinese people eat on average 30 to 50 grams of soy protein daily. In Japanand China where the highest soy consumption

appears to have no fertility issues at all.A lot of people say soy can create infertility. It's not true.Soy is bad for my thyroid. Some people say to me, quot;I can't drink soy milk because mynaturopath or said it would trash my thyroid gland.quot; In Asian countries where soyconsumption is between 50 to 100 times higher than in the western world, there is no higheroccurrence of hypothyroidism at all. A big reason why this is is because these enlightenedpeople eat seaweed which has got natural sources of iodine and minerals in it.Women living in the western world eat no sea vegetables and have a 40 percent chance ofhypothyroidism. They tend to eat foods depleted

in essential minerals and have a high stresslifestyle, often lacking in the five essentials minerals like zinc, iodine, selenium, manganese,copper and a lot more. The bottom line is if you eat soy products then be sure alsoto include some sea vegetables in your diet. Have some kelp or make sure you eat some kindof sea vegetable or seaweed. Because research has shown that most countries where peopleeat soy products like tofu or drink soy milk regularly have seaweed. No one talks aboutthis stuff on the internet. Don't drink soy. Your testicles will drop off or you'll growbreasts if you're a male. Avoid it. It's toxic. What a load of bullshit. I don't really buyinto this anymore. I get quite annoyed when

I read this religious fanaticism about diet.Soy milk is excellent for many women in their 50s. It contains a high amount of isoflavones,which is a naturally occurring form that in the body mimics an estrogen, which many womenare deficient in when they get to that age. But will it make breast cancer? No, it willnot breast cancer because estrogen is thousands of times stronger than isoflavones. Isoflavonesin soy products can help people with flagging estrogen levels. And with guys, it can tendto offset the bad form of testosterone responsible for prostate cancer. Drinking soy milk, onecup per day for most males my age plus is also used to help reduce the risk of prostatecancer. Remember also, it contains the isoflavones

genistein and dianazene, which are fantasticto help stop osteoporosis. I love soy milk. I think it's a great foodto have. Poor it on top of some rolled oats in the morning. It's really nice. Reducesbad cholesterol; increases good cholesterol. It contains many, many more times calciumthan cow's milk, so it's actually a very healthy food to have a regular amount when you getto 50 plus. Less benefits having isoflavones when you're younger, but it will not turnboys into homosexuals. Unlike some people think it will.Am I a fan of soy milk? Yes, I am. Providing it's sugar free and it's nongenetically modified.I am a fan of it particularly for older people.

I hope you got some good information out ofthis tutorial and I hope you're not going to freak out.Don't forget to click on the link below if you haven't got my Candida report and pleasesubscribe because it's for people like you I make these tutorials. Thank you for tuningin.

Can I Eat Weetbix On The Candida Diet

Greetings. It's Eric Bakker, naturopath fromNew Zealand, author of Candida Crusher. Thanks for checking out my tutorial. Today we're goingto talk about Weetabix. If you live in the States or in Europe, you may actually seethis in your supermarket. It's a breakfast cereal that's actually made in Australia bythe Sanitarium Health Food Company. Very nice people.Weetabix basically are little processed blocks of wheat high in fiber, tastes like cardboard.Some people call them the chicken nuggets for breakfast because chicken nuggets tastelike crap. I don't know why people eat them. No flavor. Bland stuff. Weetabix don't havemuch flavor about them and my concern with

these kinds of cereals is that people putlots of sugar on top, lots of honey on top or agave nectar or some kind of sweet stuff.Because a lot of people want something that tastes nice. Remember, I've said it beforewhen people talk about nice taste, they're usually talking about sugar and that's theproblem, so don't put teaspoons of sugar all over the Weetabix.Weetabix only contains I think about three or four grams of sugar per hundred grams,so it's rated as one of the healthiest breakfast cereals around. I wouldn't rate it quite ashigh as rolled oats. Whole oats are my favorite. I think oats are fantastic cooked in water.As you put a couple of raisins in there, I

find them to be perfectly good to eat. They'requite satisfying. But the fiber content of Weetabix is quite high, so it is a very goodbreakfast to eat. Your choice of what you're going to put withit if you've got a yeast infection, it's a tough decision. Not a good idea to put lotsof sweetening agents on top of it. But, hey, you might get away with it. Some people can.Some people can't. Is Weetabix healthy? I think it is healthy. I think it's definitelya better choice than a lot of those breakfast cereals that are laden with sugar. You lookat these really colorful ones with green colors and purple colors. You shouldn't be eatingstuff with really weird colors anyway unless

it's a vegetable. Just be careful.Weetabix is a good choice. Soy milk I find is good to put on it. Some people say thatsoy is really toxic for health. Soy has become very maligned like gluten. These foods havenow become taboo for many people, but I don't have a problem with soy milk as long as it'snot genetically modified. I find it perfectly okay. Not a good idea maybe for younger people,but for people 30, 40 upwards, I think soy is perfectly fine to have a cup of that inthe morning with Weetabix. What I like about Weetabix is that they'renice square blocks. You can choose how much you want. It's easy to have. Oats take time.It takes a few minutes to cook up. So for

convenience sake, it is a good breakfast.Rice milk or almond milk or oat milk or other alternatives. Some people I know even havecoconut with their Weetabix. There are options. And other people in winter just pour boilingwater on top of it, which makes them dissolve quite quickly.They've been around since the 1920s. They're very popular in New Zealand and Australiaand I think they've made their way up to the States, so it is a good choice for breakfastand it does contain gluten. So if you're one of these people with a gluten phobia, thenplease don't eat it. But I can tell you now, most people can tolerate gluten to a degree.Check it out. That's called Weetabix. Thanks

for tuning in.

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