Candida Free Granola Bars

How To CURE Your Yeast Infection In ONE DAY

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath. I'm going to do a tutorial today on how to cureCandida in 24 hours. How you can get rid of your yeast infection completely in one dayand be fully cured and healed and never get it back again, zero. What do you think aboutthat? Well, I just spent a good hour on YouTubehaving a look at a whole array of different YouTube tutorials by experts in Candida. Andone particular person claims you can cure Candida 100 percent in one week; every caseof Candida can be cured by following a 100 percent vegan diet. All you've got to do iseat lots and lots of fruit, nothing but fruit;

you avoid all animal proteins completely,no meat at all, no eggs, no fish, no chicken, no beef, absolutely no animal food. Just eatnothing but fruit and within one week, it's fully cured because all animal foods containfats, which line your arteries and keep sugar in your blood, which allows Candida to feedoff. What a load of crap! I just can't really buy a lot of this stuff that people come upwith. I'm telling you folks, there's so much bologna on line. There's another man I saw on a YouTube clip.He said, You can drink alcohol with a yeast infection. There's nothing wrong with Vodkaor Gin. Neutral spirits are fine. Just avoid

other things like Whiskey and Bourbon andbeer, but Vodka and Gin are fine to drink with a yeast infection. Now, if you're going to watch these sortsof clips and believe them, you're going to be a real fool and a sucker for punishment.Some of these tutorials have had 20,000 or 30,000 views in 30 days, which shows me that a lotof people maybe are falling for this sort of crap. I really hope you don't fall forthis absolute nonsense. Think about it logically, eating lots of fruit, 15 pieces of fruit aday, loaded with sucrose and fructose. What are you doing to your gut?

Now, this particular person's about 20 yearsold and quite a fanatical vegan no doubt like a lot of vegans are. But I'd like to see thisparticular person when she's 50 like me to see what she looks like; if she's still bubblyand bright and bouncing around and all happy. She could be a big ball of lard at that stage;we don't really know what she's going to look like. I'm not here to criticize her, but I'm goingto tell you that these sorts of approaches are absolute garbage. You know they may workfor 6 months or 12 months. They may work for her, but if you're going to try this approachwith a seriously bad yeast infection and just

eat fruit all day, how do you think you'regoing to feel? Within a couple of years, you're going to be B12 deficient, you're going tobe Iron deficient, you're going to get fatigued and tired, you'll have recurring infections,you'll have blood sugar problems, and you're going to feel pretty sick. I want you to takemy advice and don't follow these sorts of ridiculous radical approaches. My approach makes a lot more sense and isbased on the work done by a naturopath and medical many years ago. Trowbridge; Trowbridge's MEVI approach makes common sense to me. Eggs, vegetables, meats, yogurt,cultured fermented foods, nuts and seeds,

a wide range of different foods obviouslytailored to suit a specific person. Now I'm not here to argue the merits of veganism orvegetarianism versus eating meat in the diet, but I've been through a strict stage in mylife where I've avoided all that or more, proteins, completely for a while and I feltgreat. But then after a while, I didn't feel great until I incorporated protein back intomy diet from an animal source. I'll do some YouTube clips outlining the importanceof animal proteins in your diet, which I believe are very important. But it's up to you todecide what way you're going to get your protein sources from. You may want to get them fromvegetable sources or legume sources or nuts

Healthy Coconut Macaroons 2 Ingredients Two Ingredient Takeover Mind Over Munch

Two Ingredient Takeover Hi there and welcome to Mind Over Munch two ingredient takeover where I makedelicious recipes out of just two simple ingredients. Today I'm making mytwo ingredient coconut macaroons. The two ingredients are: company shred Coconut shreds and egg whites. Start by pouring your egg whitesinto a large mixing bowl.

I'm using unsweetened coconut shredsso I need to add a little bit of sweetener to mine but if you choose to use sweetenedcoconut shreds then you won't need to add it. I just like to be in control of what the sweetener is and how much. Thumbs up for beingsmart about your ingredients. Then just add in your coconutshreds and mix to combine. Spray down a large baking sheet linedwith parchment paper and use a tablespoon or a tablespoonsized scooper if you have one which I obviously did not

to scoop out your little coconutmounds. You want them to be really compact and use up all that egg white because that is going to be the glue thatholds them together. Bake in an oven preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 10 to 15 minutes, untilnice and golden brown. But keep an eye on them because theywill burn quickly if you're not paying attention. Allow to cool slightly before enjoyingor box them up for later. They'll last a few days and if they softenup you can always toss them back in

the oven or toaster oven for a quick second. But they're delicious just the same. Ifyou enjoyed this tutorial I hope you'll share it with others. If you try any of my recipes out be sure toInstagram or tweet me a pic. And remember its all matter of Mind Over Munch.

Ice Cream Granola Paleo with guest Andy Steinhauser on Le Chef Paresseux EP 34

Hey everybody, I'm Rhino, welcome to Le Chef Paresseux this is my special guest Andy Steinhauser. Thanks for joining us So what are we making today Andy? Alright, so today we're gonna make one of my favorite recipes we're gonna make a paleo granola, it's all nuts. And we're also going to make ice cream out up bananas. so we can putthis all together and we can have dessert for breakfast. Because some of us don't have ice cream makers and some of us don't eat anything. soyeah it's gonna be glorious. Boom

Alright, it's really easy. So the first thing we have to do is let's make the granola. Pour in abouta cup of almonds cashews and than this time we're using pecans because they're out of walnuts. I say a puhcawn and a peecan pie. Right, yeah, well I say like puhcawn but like in down south where I'm from in georgia they say peecan it's pecans and than pecan pie. yeah, I've always said the pie like pecan pie it sounds better

when you talk about the pie to say pecan pie. Yeah, because Puhcawn pie is just awkward. Yeah, and then one of the main ingredients is coconut oil. Pour a cup if you want to be specific andhonestly doesn't matter it's so good for a little bit of almond butter two, three table spoons, just go nuts. You can't do too many of the Chia seeds they're so good So Andy is new to theshow and we have to add dates to the recipe and he was like 'Do you have something to cut the dates with?' and I was like 'Andy, why would wash a knife?'

you just squeeze, and oh look there's the pit. What?! 2 to 3 big ones, or maybe like 4 smaller ones and if you don't have dates, because sometimes the dates go a little bit out of season one of the things that I really love to make it with is figs. Black mission figs we're going to use a little bit of maple syrup for sweetness, that just really brings it out And we're using real maple syrup. Like, real maple syrup. Totally. A little bit of cinnamon for flavor. I may or maynot have forgotten to buy

the regular cinnamon; I only havecinnamon sticks, so we're going to peel it A little ghetto. Totally works though. Works just the same Or you could just use the powder and shake that on there which would be less effort mind you. Wheneverything is ground to basically like a granola texture like a cereal texture I like to cover the pan in foil or you can use parchment paper like youhave that looks even better and then you literally just pop it inthe oven and bake

on 200°F95°C for about 15 minutes while that's baking we can move on tothe next step and the next step could not beeasier all you have to do is take bananas andliterally freeze them. It's best to break them up like you did you could actually throw the entire banana in there, it'd just be harder when you have to peel it later Alright So this one time I was at Winter Wonderland in London and they had

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