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Hey everyone, this is Monica Reed, andI decided to make a tutorial about a Yeast Infection Holistic Treatment System, a successful YeastInfection eBookproduct written by one of my very best friends.Linda Allen. I was impressed by the quality of Linda'sproduct, this candida infection treatment isn't just a quickfix, it's an 100% guaranteed,ally researched system that is backed by 35,000+ hours of nutritional expertisefor eliminating yeast infection for good. This is a very rare, highly unique and potentlypowerful candida infection healing system, which very few people even know even exists.

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DIY 48 Second Test for Candida

Did you know 65% of people in America todayhave Candida overgrowth, which is a yeast overgrowth, in an infection in your body thatplagues you, people don't even know they have it. I'm here with Crista Orekio, and she makespeople feel a lot better that necessarily don't know they ever have it, and she tellsthem exactly what to do, and she lays out step by step program that you can get ridof Candida in your body well. So on today's tutorial, she's actually going to show us a selfdiagnostictool that you could do from home in a simple as what? 2 minutes? Less than that. For 6days in a row to really know if you have Candida. I'm gonna do it. I'm actually a little bitnervous coz your telling me that 3 of the

foods that people eat all the time that actuallyfeed these nasty creatures in your body right? Yah. people have it all the time. And I thinkit's on your list when your consuming this food huh? Definitely except for one of them,i'm not really a big beer drinker. Did I actually give one of them away? You did. Alright. It'salright. So let's talk about the other one. The food that's feeding your Candida in amoment let's talk about those. But first, tell me really how dirty and grimly this littlething in your body, could you paint a real vivid picture for me? Yah. Well Candida isa, it's a chronic infection. It's something out living in your system that needs to befed. Yah. and when we get this overwhelming

food cravings, it's not really us cravingthe food, it's Candida organisms that's over grown and these is not just limited to women.A lot of times you hear it with women, but its men too. All you have to do is have aone round of full spectrum antibiotics through your life, and you can get this Candida overgrowth,and I said i've seen it among 2 of every 3 of my clients. And it contributes to adrenalfatigue, chronic exhaustion and digestive complaints, lifelong digestive complaints,weather its constipation, bloating and depression. 'Coz digestive health and mental health areinextricably connected, and also, on thyroid health. There are 2 Million Americans withthyroid problems, can be healed by getting

rid of these crazy organisms. Did you say75% reduction in getting colon cancer soon as you get rid of Candida? Yah. you can slashyour lifetime chances of colon cancer by getting rid of Candida by 75%. So let's talk aboutthe test, test you for Candida, what do you think? Your doing this on camera? were doingit on camera. I'm a little bit nervous. I'm not. Well your asking these guys to test sohere we go. Here we go. Drew's gonna be the guinie pig. And if you get me offended byspitting on a cup, close your eyes. Okay. So here we go. Okay so what do we have todo, first thing in the morning, you go ahead and spit, first thing when you wake up inthe morning, is you fill up a glass of water,

halfway, before you eat or drink anything,before you brush your teeth, and then you spit, about a dime size amount, that's abouta quarter right? Yah. Your a cheater. So you spit in a glass and then you watch it 2 or3 times for 45 minutes before your getting ready for work. You wanna know if it sinksto the bottom, yah, if it does, there's more of them than you, does it grow legs, or doesit stay for a long time? if it does anything but floating on top, then you should probablyclean yourself of Candida. But you have to do it 6 days in a row, of here included, butyou can put out and clean them. So if your going to commit to this, hit the green buttonon or in, wherever your

viewing this, because were gonna see if wehave this. Were gonna do this for 6 days. It's looking right, we got some legs, growthhere, you just stick around, were gonna come back to that in a moment okay? Now let's getinto what foods people eat that they don't know feed this little critters that are takingaway your life in your world and in your joy in your health okay. And 3 food, or theseare drinks that you may be craving, that maybe it's the Candida craving it, and not necessarilyyou. Its adding to these infection that just won't go away. Yah and one of them is a kicker.Like one of them I drink everyday that I didn't even know that feeds Candida. That soundsto be a healthy drink and stuff. It shocks

Candida Case Study 1 Kirsty 19 yrs Fatigue Brain Fog and Thrush

Thanks for checking out my tutorial. I'm goingto be doing a series of case histories over the next few weeks, which may be of use toyou. In my book, Candida Crusher, there's about 25 case histories in here out of themany thousands of people I've seen, so I've written a few of them up in here. I'm goingto go through a lot of these case studies. I'll read some text out of my book and thenI'll elaborate on these cases and explain a bit more as they go along. I think you mightfind this of a lot of use. Our first case history is a 19yearold ladycalled Kirsty. This is out of chapter two of Candida Crusher. Kirsty's a young femalestudent who came to my about two years

ago complaining of chronic fatigue. She wasabsolutely exhausted and found it hard to concentrate at the university. Kirsty wasfalling asleep during the afternoon lectures and becoming anxious at her inability to concentrate.Her main complaints were foggy thinking, anxiety and depression, occasional vaginal yeast infection,intermittent pains in her tummy, nausea and small white spots on her body.Her mother had been a patient of my practice for some time, so she referred Kirsty to seeme. When I questioned about her daughter's diet and lifestyle, so I gave her a call.I remember calling this lady up. Sometimes I get very good information from relationsof patients regarding the patient's behavior

or desires, their diet, and sometimes peopleare a bit embarrassed to give that information away.I practice in a small village her in New Zealand. Not that many people and many people knowpeople. And for that reason, I often get a lot of inside information on people. It'ssurprising how often I go shopping and someone will say, quot;Oh, I've got to send my daughterto you,quot; or quot;I've got to send my husbandquot; or things like that. quot;And by the way, he drinkstoo much.quot; Things like that, so you'll get information.In Kirsty's case, her mom told me that Kirsty likes to drink quite a lot of alcohol on Fridayand Saturday night, a lot of white wine, and

she smokes a few cigarettes, but likes todrink. And, of course, when I saw Kirsty, she said she didn't drink much at all. Butaccording to her mom, she's drinking like a bottle of wine a night on the weekends andeating a lot of stuff that typical university students eat like twominute noodles and alot of take away food. What I've written here, Kirsty showed me herarms and I immediately identified a fungal skin complaint that I've commonly seen onarms, legs, and torsos of chronic Candida patients for many years. I knew this was anotherchronic Candida sufferer, and her ran all the tests and found nothing wrong. Theskin scraping was sent to the lab, which was

inconclusive. I've seen similar skin rashesbefore and sometimes the s quickly say, quot;Oh, it's eczema. It's psoriasis. It's dermatitis.quot;It's blah, blah, blah, some weird name. Sometimes they'll get referred to a dermatologist thatcomes up with a name like this long. quot;I've just diagnosed this condition and we've gotthis wonderful cream for this condition.quot; I tend to call dermatologists quot;cream specialistsquot;because all they do is give creams all day. How depressing is that? We had a few consultations.I can remember working with Kirsty for some time, two or three consultations and a fewSkype consultations. The big thing with young girls at that ageis usually they've moved out of home. They've

just started university or college. They misstheir parents. Sometimes if they haven't been introduced to alcohol, they'll cut loose andgo crazy with booze. My daughter when she was 17 or 18 would have a glass of wine hereat home sometimes, so she got used to alcohol at a young age and she didn't go crazy withit. Many times when they're flatting or move intoan apartment by themselves, with a girlfriend, or with their boyfriend, they'll often havecrappy diets. They'll eat twominute noodles. They'll have pizzas. They won't look afterthemselves properly. They'll be under high stress, study stress, financial stress, emotionalstress; they're on the Pill, all these sorts

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