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Is Triphala Good For Candida

Greetings. Eric Bakker back again. Naturopathfrom New Zealand. Thanks for tuning in. We're going to talk about Triphala today. Triphalabasically is a composition of three different herbs and its very popular in Ayurveda medicine.I'm a huge fan of Ayurveda medicine, even though I don't understand anything about it,I think it's wonderful. It's a tradition that goes back a long, long time ago. If you lookat Vedic scriptures, potentially 10,000 to 20,000 years, probably more 40,000 years,so a long, long time. Indian medicine in my mind is very powerfulwhen used. If you look at the Tridosha. The Tridosha I think they call it. You have tolook at Vata Kapha Pitta constitution. It's

a little bit like traditional Chinese medicine.You need to understand the mindset and also how the Chinese or the Ayurveda willthink. So it's basically a very powerful functioning system of medicine that works on quite a highlevel. I think Triphala is an excellent product touse for digestion in general. So there are three different herbs that make it up andthey've got funny names. I'm just reading my computer screen. Haritaki, Bibhitaki, andAmalaki. Two of these plants belong to the Terminalia family. I think that this mixturein my mind in Indian is a little bit to Europe what the equivalent is of Swedish bitter,so this is a bitter herb. This is a bitter

formation, so it improves digestion and relievesconstipation. It increases uptake of nutrients into the body from the diet. It will improvethe stomach, the small intestine, the gall bladder, the liver and the colon, so it hasa very cleansing and gentle purgative and laxative effect on the whole gut.Triphala can be used to maintain very good digestive tone on a long term basis. It canalso be used particularly effective at the beginning of a Candida diet as a cleanse andpurgator, so you can use this as part of what I call quot;the big clean up.quot; It's like whenyou buy property and the place has been trashed, you going to get in there, you're going todo a big cleanup. You're going to tidy the

whole garden up. You're going to get rid ofall the junk. You're going to get one of those skips in or dumpster or whatever you callthem, and you're going to fill it up with crap. You're going to get rid of it. That'sthe first stage. In your mind, that's the bowel purge, that's the cleanse. That's whatTriphala can do. But Triphala can also be gentle, too. It canbe something that you're going to do a final clean up with. So when you're using a clothor a rag or a broom to sweep up stuff. You've done all the big dumping. Now you're goingto do the polishing. Triphala can be used in smaller doses to do that as well. I totallyendorse Triphala. When you start this wonderful

product, you need to go very slow to startwith. Don't just jump right into a big cleanse. When I call it quot;the big clean up,quot; I don'tmean the big stuff up. So don't be stupid and jump right into it very quickly.Gentle to start with, especially if you've had a life of eating McDonalds, drinking sodas,drinking lots of beer all the time and you want to clean up your act, you need to juststart gently and gently and gradually work into a heavier cleanse and then quot;kapowquot; wedo the big cleanse. And then I'd also like you to check out my tutorial on liver cleansing,the gall bladder flush and the kidney cleanse. Check all those out, too. They're an importantpart of getting the body up to quite a high

spec. Triphala certainly is a wonderful productthat I fully endorse. There you go. Do I like Triphala? Yes, I do.I think it's great. Don't forget to click on the link below if you haven't already gotmy Candida report and please subscribe. Thanks for tuning in.

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