Candida Pneumonia Symptoms

Candida Case Study 10 John Serious Bowel Problem

Thanks for checking out my tutorial. This isanother case history. I'm going to talk about a boy this time, a sixyearold boy, calledJohn. John had major bowel problems and mom brought him to me because he was feeling veryunwell. I'm going to read a little bit out of my book and then I'll explain a bit more.John is a pleasant young boy with a friendly smile. His mother brought him to me afterspending over a year trying to ascertain what was wrong with him. He was having recurringdigestive pains and constipation, as well as asthma. As a baby, John was breastfed forsix weeks before being placed on an infant formula containing cow's milk. John couldnot tolerate this formula too well, and then

he was placed on an infant soy formula thatwas less problematic. He developed colic around six months of age and received his first roundof antibiotics a few months later for an ear infection. By the time John was three yearsold, he had received over a dozen rounds of antibiotics for recurring ear, nose and throatinfections, and was now in need of an inhaler and a steroid preventative because his pediatriciantold his mother he had asthma now. This drug merrygoround is all too common with children.I've seen it a thousand times. I first set about getting John's diet rightand placing him on my low allergy diet that you'll find in the Candida Crusher book. Whattypically occurs is that sweet cravings occur

after antibiotics because many beneficialshave been destroyed, and yeast start to multiply rapidly. That's when the person starts towant to have sweet things. The yeast wants feeding and their host has no option but togive into their demands, and so the sugarladen diet begins. Soda drinks, fruit juice, candy,sweets, cookies, breakfast cereals laden with sugar, snack bars, any one of a hundred sweetfoods that kids like to eat, and they go to the supermarket and they pester mom for thosefoods. If you've got kids, you know all about this. It makes no difference as long as itcontains sugar, the yeast will be happy. The yeast will then thrive, multiply, and getto be a bigger problem over time. Parents

often give in just to shut these kids up.The squeaky hinge gets the oil. It's really true.We started using different things with John. John responded really well to my Canxida antifungalproduct. In fact, we had a very good result literally within a month of using Canxida.The asthma drugs were first to go, and I asked John's mother to avoid all antibiotics inthe future unless John suffered a serious bacterial infection like septicemia or bronchialpneumonia. After four months of treatment, all of John's symptoms were gone. His bowelis back to normal and all his pains were gone. In cases like this, I've seen children eventaken to the Children's for exploratory

surgery because they can't work out wherethe bowel pains are coming from. All the blood tests came back okay. The endoscopy came backokay. Everything came back clear, and the s are scratching their heads. snever look for Candida and, in fact, some only believe it's a women's problem. How stupidis that? If you've got a child with a strong sugarcraving, a child that scratches its backside a lot, that's quite wingy, that's crying,that's irritable, that's very bad tempered, you could well have a parasite or a yeastinfection on your hands. Think back carefully. Has the child had antibiotics? Is the childcraving sweet foods? Is it looking for sugar?

Is it pestering you for sweet foods when yougo shopping? It's easy to spot a Candida infection in a child.Antibiotics are something you don't want to give to children. I've spoken about this manytimes in my tutorials. They're way too loosely prescribed. Children will sometimes get themfor a little cut or scratch on their finger. They're giving preventative antibiotics. It'sa stupid thing to do. It can destroy the immune system. It can take years to recover fromone round, and one round will lead to a second round, and a third round. It's a ridiculousthing to do. It's like giving extended credit on top of credit. It's what caused the ruinof America when you think about it, this borrowing

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