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Eye Serum Reduce Puffy Tired Eyes Renew Cels Natural Tutorial

Today I'm going to share with you myfavorite Eye Serum and I really only do use itunder my eyes and I'm using two of the most prized essential oilsfor thousands of years. Gerranium. Gerranium is a natural diuretic and it moves lymph said geranium is going to help removepuffiness from under the eye. Its also a sedative its calming yet uplifting. And whodoesn't want to be with someone

whose eyes are calm yet uplifted. The other oil that we'regoing to use is actually one of my favorite essential oils for fragrance Neroli. Neroli is the flower essence of the bitter orange tree and orangeblossoms have an exquisite smell. Neroli is ahighly prized oil it's quite expensive but when you're only using 20 drops

in two ounces of serum which is going tolast you a very long time I can assure you you are worth theinvestment. It actually stimulates new cell growth. It heels broken capillaries. It is highlynonallergenic so for anyone that has allergy worries this is a great essential oil. And neroli is also calming and up lifting! I'm starting with two ounces it'sapproximately

sixty milliliters of sweet almond oil and I'm gonna putthe information below in the details just under here on how to goto my blog and find very well sourced oils and responsibly and ethicallysourced. You can find that information underthere. So I'm using Almond Oil but you can also use EveningPrimrose Oil its wonderful beauty oil. And to those twoounces

of carrier or base oil, I'm adding 20 drops geranium and 20 drops of precious neroil. It smells so good. i truly feel calm yet uplifted. Neroli we will measure thisway. We're only using glass or plastic we're not using metal. I have thesewonderful blue jars

you can also use amber glass jars butyou want to use dark glass so that the sun doesn't penetrate and change the oils or make them go rancid. This is wonderful for you it's also awonderful gift for your loved ones. I'm going to show you how we apply oils to the eyes we're never gonna pull on the tissuewe're just going to

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