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Hey everyone, this is Monica Reed, andI decided to make a tutorial about a Yeast Infection Holistic Treatment System, a successful YeastInfection eBookproduct written by one of my very best friends.Linda Allen. I was impressed by the quality of Linda'sproduct, this candida infection treatment isn't just a quickfix, it's an 100% guaranteed,ally researched system that is backed by 35,000+ hours of nutritional expertisefor eliminating yeast infection for good. This is a very rare, highly unique and potentlypowerful candida infection healing system, which very few people even know even exists.

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How to Submit a Stool Sample for Testing

Hi, I'm Hannah, I'm AJ, and I'm Victor. We'refrom Team Diarrhea at the Minnesota Department of Health. Today we're going to show you howto collect a stool sample. Alright James, here's the kit to collect yourstool specimen. Are you ready to do it? James: Yes.Let's see what we have in here. Included in your stool kit, there should beinstructions for collecting the stool specimen, the lab slip, the vial for collecting the stool,an absorbent paper that you'll put into the biohazard bag that will go with the stool,and a biohazard envelope. There should also be included, a hat.Please make sure to collect your specimen

as soon as possible, and only follow theseinstructions. Alright, we've got some instructions. So itsays, 'Fill out the top portion of lab slip', which is right underneath here. Make sureto include your name, the collection date, and your date of birth so the lab knows howto process the sample. Make sure your name and collection date isfilled out on the vial. Alright James, here's what you need to take yoursample. Your vial, and the hat. Good luck. James: Thanks. This is what you're going to use to collect your stool specimen in the toilet. Make surethat these corners are facing towards the back of

the toilet, and you're going to want to alsobend this, both sides, so that it fits down inside the toilet.And to also push this the tissue portion, which will actually collect the stool, down.So you'll want to remove the stickysided tape, and stick it down in the toilet, justlike that. And you're ready to go. Now make sure you use this little scoop that'sinside the vial to scoop the stool into the container, and make sure also to fill it upto that orange line. And that's it.So after you're done scooping the stool into the vial, tear away this paper portion andlet it fall into the toilet.

Remove this, throw it away into the garbage,and flush it down. So to pack it up, grab the vial and this absorbentpaper and put it inside the biohazard bag. Seal it up.And then take the lab slip and the biohazard bag and put it inside this paper bag and seal that. And then place this into the box, and you'reready to ship it out. For babies, the procedure's a little different.Use the same vial, but scoop it out of the diaper when they're done. If you have any questions, feel free to call the number at the bottom of the instruction sheet. Then just drop the kit off in a mailbox and feel better soon. When you're ready to send your kit back in

the cardboard box that the health departmentprovided for you, there is a prepaid postage on the box, and just simply put it in yourhome mailbox or in any regular mailbox.

Suzanne Somers Mammograms Enzymes Coffee Enemas in Cancer Care Prevention

Ty Bollinger: You mentioned Blaylock. An interesting statistic that I have heard him quote, and it is regarding breast cancer and mammograms,that mammograms actually increase the risk of breast cancer with each one you get. Andthen, I have heard you talk about that. Could you expound on that? Suzanne Somers: Well, I no longer get mammograms.It was Blaylock who said, “If you start off at age 40 with no breast cancer and youhave the prescribed yearly mammogram. By the time you are 50, you will have increased yourchances of getting breast cancer from radiation exposure by 33 13 percent.� He said, “And if you carry the BRCA gene, every time you have a

mammogram, you increase your chances 15 percent with each mammogram.� And he said, “and most people with the BRCA gene get two, maybe threemammograms a year. So they're actually ensuring that they will get breast cancer.� You know, ever since I met Nick Gonzalez,he makes so much sense. I do his protocol preventatively. I do not ever want canceragain and by doing his protocol, I am not afraid of cancer anymore. And I think canceris one of the motivating fears that most people have tucked away inside them. You know Nickand how pure he is and how he's not in it for the money and this is a good guy.And the flack he has taken for having the

audacity to treat serious cancers with pancreaticenzymes, coffee enemas and nutritional supplementation, and a designed diet for their genetic code.But when I wrote quot;Knock Out,quot; I interviewed 17 of his patients. I said, “I'd just liketo talk to Stage IVs.� And I remember there were these two olderwomen. You know, when I interviewed them, I thought they were older but they are sortof close to what my age is now. Isn't it funny how time flies? And they were both in their70s. And one had Stage IV breast. One had Stage IV ovarian, only been treated by Nick.One had Stage IV ovarian for 17 years, the other Stage IV breast, at that time for 12 years.I haven't asked Nick recently, but as of last

year they were both still alive and thriving.And I played Devil's advocate. I said, “Really? You're going to do coffee enemas every day?�And they started joking and the older one said, “Yeah, I particularly like FrenchRoast.� She said, “It gets me kind of all juiced up.� You know, I said, “Okay,whatever.� But it makes sense that if you keep cleaningout the liver and a coffee enema goes back to Egyptian, you know, early Egyptian, youknow, Cleopatra era. Cleaning out the liver of toxins in a time in the world where ourlivers are groaning from intoxication, it almost – you wonder how anybody can be alivewithout doing regular liver cleanse. And then

the idea of the pancreatic enzymes, and Ialways have to do everything visually. So, what I see with his enzymes is you take themin between meals and it's a lot of them. I think I take, and this is where I get ridiculed,but I take about 80 a day because I had cancer and I had a big tumor. So I am not worriedabout getting it back, but I have to do everything I can in my power to make sure. So Ivisualize the little enzymes. And in between meals they're eating all the debris and what better debris to munch on than cancer? And when you keep yourself cleaned out, then thereis no reason for the cancer to grow a new self. So, I believe in him. But also, I thinkmy belief is a big part of why I am so well.

You know, if you believe it, you manifestit. And I believe it.

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