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Bad Breath And Bad Candida

Thanks for checking out my tutorial. I'm goingto talk about bad breath today. Something that we don't really want to talk about. Someof us have had bad breath in the past. Some may have it right now. I just had an interestingcase today from the UK, a 53yearold lady. I'm not going to mention this woman's nameor details. She's a longterm Candida sufferer and her breath's quite bad, so she's veryembarrassed. She's actually working in a public service job, and she's very embarrassed abouther breath. Her husband died quite a few years ago nowin a car accident, which gave her quite a lot of stress and grief. She's had her gallbladder out. 's advice, basically, was

just to use mouth rinses, ridiculous advice.Sugar is a problem. Loves sugar. Craves sugar. It's a problem. She loves sugar. She lovessweets. She loves candy, chocolate, and those sorts of things. Can go three days withouta bowel motion. Interesting case. What I found with this lady, I'm going tocall her Julie. Julie's her name, but that's not her real name. The advice I gave Julie,basically, was to understand the relationship between the cravings, the desires, the snacking,and the bad breath. Using mouth rinses and mouthwashes is just a crazy idea. You're onlymasking the problem. It's only a bandaid. You're not really going to get a longtermresult with bad breath.

Like a lot of people, Julie was only brushingher teeth once per day, so I told her to go and buy three or four toothbrushes, soft ones.I've been using a nice toothbrush lately with some colloidal silver in this toothbrush.It's a really nice one, and I usually buy six toothbrushes at the same time. And everyfour to six weeks, I throw the toothbrush out. They are only a couple of dollars. It'snot really worth hanging onto a crappy old toothbrush. I use a tea tree oil toothpaste.You can also get a propolis toothpaste with propolis in it. I like to brush at least threetimes a day, but I also brush the gums. Now, in Julie's case, we spent a bit of timetalking about this, so I'm going to outline

good oral health when it comes to bad breath.A lot of people only really brush the teeth. They don't focus enough time on brushing thetongue or the gums. Try to understand that your tooth is a bit like a tree. The whitepart you can see is the trunk of the tree coming out of the ground. The gum is reallythe soil where the tree is going into and the roots. Because the roots of the tree trunkgrow in. In the case of the upper teeth here, we'vegot the teeth growing into the maxillary sinus. The maxillary sinus is in here, and the floorof that sinus cavity is where some of the roots of these teeth are basically touchingup close to. With a tree, if you really want

to have a healthy tree, it's got to have alot of nutrition and a lot of water, a lot of sunlight, so a tree needs taken care ofuntil it's big and strong. But with the teeth, people only seem to spend their time interestedin the white part of the teeth; they don't look at the gum health too much. When youget older like me in your 50s, it's easy for teeth to become quite soft, porous, loose,wiggly, dead teeth, diseased teeth. And, of course, if this is going to happen, the toothis going to fall out and you're going to get gaps. You're going to get all sorts of problemswith chewing, with your bite. It's not a good idea, so you need to lookafter your teeth. And by looking after your

teeth, you're looking after the oral health,the oral cavity. This is going to help, also, digestion a lot downstream. This is quitea clever thing for you to do. Good teeth mean good chewing capability, breaking food downto proper small material size, which will mean the stomach has an easier job of breakingfood down. Which also means that you're going to get good digestion, absorption, and excretionof the food wastes. But it also means you're going to break the food down properly to givethe small intestine and the large intestine the right particle size to build beneficialbacteria up. Something a lot of people don't think of.Poor oral health leads to poor digestive health.

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