Gi Revive Candida

Improving Health with Nutrition Natural Skincare Remedies

In this clip, we're going to talk about havinggreat skin. Having great skin actually comes from having a very healthy system that's clearof toxins. And I have some nutrients that I love to use to help people improve theirskin. But first, most important is to eliminate toxins from your diet and to start focusingon healthy whole foods. Here are some supplements that I use regularly. And if you look overhere, we've got some zinc. This is a really interesting and great zinc supplement. Andzinc is one of the most integral nutrients in having great skin. Another one here isfinest, pure fish oils. and these are omega 3 fatty acids necessary for having good hormonalhealth and great skin. Another thing that

I recommend that I personally use and I actuallypersonally use all of these, is Paleo Green. These are a green supplement and they're goingto help your liver health. And when your liver is strong, your skin looks great. Other thingsthat I recommend that you do, are increase your nuts and your nut butters. This is oneof my favorites. And it's a pumpkin seed butter and it's delicious. And lastly, work on yourgastrointestinal health. And you can actually take a supplement such as GI Revive and Probioticsto do that.

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