How To Get Rid Of Yeast Infection While Taking Antibiotics

Your Best Diet Advice After Antibiotics

Thanks for checking out my tutorial. We're goingto talk about the best foods to eat after you've had antibiotics. Let's say you've takena course of antibiotics and you're not feeling particularly good. What are some of the bestfoods you can eat? Let's quickly talk about the foods that youdon't want to eat before we go into the foods that you do want to eat, so it's obviouslynot a good idea to have beer and soda and potato chips and crap food like that. Youdon't really want to do this after antibiotics because you've wiped out a whole lot of bacteria,so you really want to focus on trying to relax a little bit. Give your immune system a littlebit less stress by saying quot;noquot; to people,

not taking on so much work and by trying todrink a little bit of water. Understand that beverages also have a big role in gut ecology.Kefir is a good thing to drink, and some herbal teas are quite good, but too much coffee,tea and especially alcohol are a big nono after antibiotics. I would say don't haveany booze at all for two weeks post antibiotics. It's a smart move. Try not to socialize toomuch with people because there's a tendency for you to drink alcohol when you do that.And then when you've had a few drinks, you tend to eat the wrong kind of food anyway.What about what you can eat? What are some of the good things to have when you've hadthe antibiotics? Yogurt, a really good naturally

cultured yogurt, a Greek sour yogurt, is very,very good to have in small amounts. Have it usually in the morning before breakfast, asmall amount, and also at nighttime. I find twice a day, just a little amount, is goingto be good. You don't need a whole lot. Just a small amount.Second food I want you to think about is garlic. Fresh garlic, especially up to three clovesper day, is a smart move for a few reasons. One of them is garlic contains a lot of prebioticsin it. It's prebiotic by default because it contains indigestible fibers in it that allowit feed up the beneficial bacteria that are remaining. They'll be some traces of lactobacillusleft and these will feed quite heavily on

garlic. They quite like garlic. This willexplain to you that garlic doesn't kill the friendly bacteria. In fact, it feeds themup. And the clever thing also with garlic, it's going to inhibit any fungal strains thatare potentially there after you've taken an antibiotic. Because we know that antibioticsencourage yeast production, and garlic discourages yeast production. Another good reason to takegarlic. It contains prebiotics that feed the beneficials, and it's going to help nail thebad bacteria and also any fungal strains that are coming up.Third food to eat if you've had antibiotics is almonds. Almonds are quite good. And, infact, the almond board in California found

that they had an antiviral effect with peopleand also a beneficial effect on people. Almonds, especially ground up to a fine powder, youcan make cookies out of it. You can use it in bread. You can use it in different dishes.I even used it in a curry once. I made a nice chicken curry and I put some almond powderin there. It was quite tasty. Almonds are very good to have after you've had antibiotics,but make sure they're not roasted with lots of salt. Try to have them raw like fresh.Jerusalem artichoke, a fantastic vegetable that belongs to the sunflower family. Thesecontain a prebiotic sugar called inulin. In fact, Jerusalem artichokes are one of thehighest inulin containing of all vegetables

to eat. Just a small amount, a couple of ouncesof Jerusalem artichokes steamed up per day, is a very smart move after you've had antibiotics.This just gives you an insight into some of the foods you can have that are going to boostyour intestinal health post antibiotics. And the other thing I'd like to leave you withis to make sure you take one or two of my Canxida Remove tablets per day after antibioticsto stop any yeast from coming up, and the danger period often is about 7 to 10 daysafter antibiotics are finished when the Candida will slowly start coming up.Canxida Remove, that's with an X. You'll get that from Canxida . That's going to countera yeast infection because many people take

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