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Is Spit Test For Candida Reliable To Determine Candida Overgrowth

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker.I'm the author of Candida Crusher and the formulator of the Canxida range of supplements.Thanks for checking out my tutorial. I've got a question here from Edward Caper in Poland.Edward is saying, quot;Eric is the yeast spit test reliable? Is the spit test a reliableindication for Candida?quot; Let's talk a little bit about that right now. About if it's good,if it's trash. Because some people online say it's junk. Other people say it's good.I've written about the spit test in my book. The spit test is not exactly perfect or bonafidescience. But what I can tell you is what I've found from the spit test with a lot of patients,thousands of patients I've seen over the years,

it's a very good general indicator of overalloral and digestive health. You can't say if you do the spit test andyou see strings or mucous hanging there in a glass of water first thing in the morningthat you've got a bonafide case of Candida. That's crap. But what you can say is you'vegot problems, and those problems need addressing because healthy people don't have that. They'lltend to have things floating on the top of the water rather than hanging down or havingparticles in the bottom of the glass. In most all cases of extremely healthy peopleI've seen, they don't have a lot of mucous in their mouth. They don't cough up mucous.They haven't got mucous in their nasopharyngeal

region. Mucous can be a sure sign that's somethingswrong with your digestion. It can be an allergy. It could be a problem with your pancreas.You're not producing enough enzymes in the mouth. You can have gut issues. Many, manydifferent reasons why you can have mucous. Mucous is a great breeding ground for bacteria,but it also can mean if you've got bacteria, that Candida may not necessarily be foundbehind. There's a relationship of dysbiosis, in general, and food allergies and the spittest. So if you're positive for the spit test, youneed to clean up your diet, improve your digestion, get the right kind of bugs into your digestivesystem, make sure you observe very good oral

health, tongue brushing, brush your teethtwice a day. I tend to use sea salt or baking soda, but also I like using tea tree oil andlook after the gums rather than the teeth. Good oral hygiene is very, very important.Because if you keep this clean, it's going to keep stuff further down clean as well.It's often been said that the mouth and the anus are the two dirtiest parts of the body.It's not a good thing to say, but it's a fact. The spit test is not a reliable indicationof Candida as such. You may have read about the different types of home tests I recommendin my book. There's the smell test, the taste test, the itch test, these are all differentkinds of tests that will give you an indication

if you've got a yeast infection when you putthem all together. No single test is good. The only test that I find is really good andaccurate is a very comprehensive stool test when done properly. When done properly, it'sa very accurate indication of a yeast infection in the gut. Not necessarily systemically,but definitely in the gut. There are other ways we can pick up if you've got a systemicyeast infection. Just to summarize your question, Edward. quot;Isthe spit test a reliable indication for Candida?quot; No. It's not. You've got to use it in conjunctionwith other kinds of test. But what I do like, again, just to finish up on. You can use itas a yardstick, as an indicator for improving

health. So if it comes back cleaner and cleanerover a period of time, you know that you've taken potential allergenic food out of thediet or you've cleared up a potential food intolerance. You've reduced the amount oforal bacteria and your health is going to pick up. I hope that answers your question.Thank you.

Candida Spit Test What Is The Spit Test For Candida

Question that I get asked every now and then.What is the spit test for Candida? Is the spit test accurate for Candida? Does it work?Is it quackery? Is it a fraud? Is it a stupid test? Is it unscientific? Is it inaccurate?Is it bogus? These are all the sort of questions I get asked around the spit test. I can tellyou now, I've been recommending the spit test for patients for over 20 years, and I don'tthink it's a bogus test at all. I think it's a very valid test. What I like about it, it'san instant test. Here's how you do it and this is the way todo it properly. I've seen many YouTube clips and read many blog posts where people aregetting inaccurate advice on how to do the

test. The way to do this test, when you getup in the morning, you put nothing in your mouth before you do the test. This is whatI call a fasting test, so you have your meal at night whatever it is you brush your teeth,you go to bed, all the things that you normally do. When you wake up in the morning beforeyou put anything in your mouth at all, no coffee, no donuts, or whatever you have forbreakfast, no cereal, no muesli, nothing; you just go straight to the kitchen and geta glass of water, clean water, it doesn't matter whether it's tap water or whateverkind of water. I don't think it makes any difference. And you work up a bit of salivain your mouth and you spit that into the glass

of water, and then you watch it. You justput the glass down there on the bench top and you leave it there for up to an hour. What you'll notice if you haven't got a yeastinfection or if you've got a very, very minor one or insignificant one, you'll notice thatthe saliva will float on top of the water. It'll just sit there. But what you'll noticeif you've got a yeast infection, especially a bad yeast infection, is you'll start gettingstrings hanging under the saliva, and they'll hang right down. Ever been to a cave and seen glowworms ina cave? You see all those little sort of things

hanging off the cave. It's a bit like that.It's a bit like you've got a level surface and something in a suspension hanging underneathit. If you've got a very severe yeast infection, you might even find in the middle of glassa cloud, almost like a little cloud, there could be specks in them or there could alsobe little specks or things on the bottom of the glass. These are things that may occurwith a major yeast infection. How does this occur? Why is this a valid test?People who have got a yeast infection, especially moderate to severe yeast infection, they'reattracted to sugar and sweet things. What I find is many times these people will eatthese foods and they'll start producing mucus

in their mouth and extra saliva build up.I've had this conversation with many people with severe Candida, and they'll say thatthey can eat a food and they'll have to clear their throat not long after or they'll havemucus in their nose, and this will happen. This will build up as a consequence of theyeast, the Candida albicans in their mouth, on their tongue, inside their mouth. The yeaststarts getting attracted to the sugar. It starts forming a mucus compound, so when youspit that in the water, you'll notice there's extra mucus there. It's quite large globulesof mucus and phlegm or catarrh whatever you want to call it.

Many people with Candida have to clear theirthroat or clear their nose; in the nasal pharyngeal region there will be mucus in there. Theywake up in the morning with a cough. The mucus can be in the bronchial tubes. The mucus canbe anywhere in this whole region. It can be really phlegmed up. The esophagus can be reallychoked up with phlegm, with mucus. So people, who eat sugar or crave sugar, will often haveexcess production of this mucus and a lot of saliva build up in the mouth and extrabacteria contribute in there as well, which are often the specks or the cloud. You'llget Candida in the mucus. You'll also get bacteria in there and they'll form this wholebig soothing sort of an oozing sort of mess

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