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22 Sex Topics

Lindsey Doe: The last episode was entirelyabout trivia: I was quizzing you on things that are really insignificant. This episodeI want to be entirely about the things that ARE important. What I want you to know inorder to protect yourself, have a healthy sexuality or make the decisions on the sexualityyou want to have. I'm going to say the topic and then I'm goingto say one short infobit I think you deserve while you wait for the episode to come outas a whole. Intro Vaginismus: Clenching of the vaginal musclesso much so that it prevents penetration of

a finger, a tampon, a speculum, a penis. Andif this is a problem, your goto professionals are sexologists and gynecologists. Visiting a gynecologist: The American Collegeof Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend seeing a gynecologist between the ages of13 and 15. You can postpone a pelvic exam until 21 or within three years of becomingsexually active. HPV: One of the major reasons to get a pelvicexam is to see if there's any HPV. The Human Papilloma Virus 50% of people will haveit at some point in their lives. There are 30 strains that cause warts and another 10that are cancer causing. You can prevent some

but not all strains, with… Gardasil: The HPV vaccine the first vaccineto prevent cancer. It doesn't cover all of the virus's strains, but it does cover thosethat are majorly problematic. All sexes can benefit from the vaccine and are recommendedto get its THREE doses between the ages of 11 and 26. Getting Tested: When you're getting an STIscreening, make sure that you know what you're getting tested for and what you're NOT gettingtested for. Also make sure that if you don't have symptoms, you're STILL getting testedbecause of bacterial infections like…

Chlamydia: Most of the cases of chlamydiaare asymptomatic meaning there are no symptoms or signs of infection. And luckily, when youget treated for chlamydia you will also get treated for… Gonorrheaaa!: Was nicknamed 'The Clap'. Oneof the explanations talks about how the ill who were once treated by taking the penisbetween two boards and man is heard yelling off screen while Doe claps her hands.Ah, now we have antibiotics. Vibrators: I want you to know what they'remade of and how to clean them. If they have phthalates in them phthalates,make sure that there is a condom separating

your body from the toy. Cock Rings: If they look big, it's becausethey're going around the cock AND balls. Don't use something rigid like wood or metal untilyou have much more experience start with something malleable like licorice laces. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: PCOS, is alot of cysts pockets of tissue that build up in the ovaries and make a big old mess.It affects 1 in 10 biosex females, their development and there fertility. Clues you might haveit: irregular periods, obesity, hirsutism, which is fuzziness, and small breasts.

Polyamory: A simple definition is quot;lovingmore than one person at a timequot;. Your go to resources would be Franklin Veaux, TristanTaormino, Cunning Minx, Reid Milhako. Demisexuality: Sexual attraction that happensafter a long emotional connection is already made. Bisexuality: quot;Biquot; referring to two may bethe gender binary like males AND females, but more bisexuals are going with the meaningof quot;bi = twoquot; as 'same' and 'different'. BDSM: 4 letters, 6 words: Bondage, Discipline,Dominance, Submission, Sadism, Masochism. Transgender: A type of identity that has NOTHINGto do with who you're attracted to.

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