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Is There Any Survey I Can Complete

Hi there, Erik Bakker back to you once againwith another frequently asked question from Candida Crusher. Is there any questionnaire that I can completeto see if I have a yeast infection? In fact there is, and I spent a great amountof time putting together a fantastic online survey for you to complete. Just go to yeastinfection and there you will find a brilliant online survey that you can complete. Whether you'rea male, female or child, you have three options. William Crook, when he wrote his wellknownbook, The Yeast Connection, went to a great deal of trouble to put a very good questionnairetogether in his book. But Crook did not

have the benefit of having an online capabilitywith his survey, which we have today, and you will find the online questionnaire tobe one of the best in the world. So go to yeastinfection and check outmy survey. You'll find it brilliant. And give me some feedback. Thank you.

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