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Can You Have A Yeast Infection With No Symptoms

Thank you for tuning in. Can you have Candidawith no symptoms? That's an interesting question. Well, if you've got no symptoms and you'reconcerned that you have Candida, you probably have got Candida because Candida is a naturallyoccurring organism. It's a yeast that lives in a lot of people. Not everybody will haveCandida albicans in their digestive tract, but a lot of people do have this, but it'skept in a harmonious balance. There are estimated between anywhere from four to five or evenseveral hundred more species of bacteria that live in your digestive tract, and no doubtthere will be many different kinds of fungi that will live in there as well.

All sorts of organisms live in our bodiesand on our bodies, but everything is kept in balance. It's just like how the world is.The world is a big ecosystem where things are kept in balance, and our body really isa miniecosystem where things are kept in balance. But when things get out of kilter,out of balance, that's when we start looking at yeast infections. Symptoms are something that you feel; youexperience. These are subjective. Signs are something we can measure or see or quantifythrough testing or analysis. Symptoms, you may, for example, have a lot of bloating orburping or gas and think that you've got Candida,

but it may not be Candida at all. It couldjust be a case of having low stomach acidity, which is very common, and this often comesabout from stress or improper diet. Go and get checked out by a health care professional.Speaking to somebody if you've got concerns, if you're not sure if you've got Candida ornot is a very smart move on your part. So before you jump in with selftreatment, beforeyou go to Google and start looking for answers, it might pay to go and see yournaturopathic , for example, get some expert advice, or a nutritional, friendly. Go and see someone with a bit of knowledge and skill set and talk with him or her aboutyour concerns, about your symptoms, to see

whether they are Candida or not. Also do my yeast infection quiz. That's quitea good one to do. Go to CandidaCrusher and do my yeast infection quiz. That willgive you an idea if you're mild, moderate or severe. So that's a good start for you.I hope that answers your question. Thank you.

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